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What went wrong? Straight to Base Tek used

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SWIM says add more naptha, shake it, let it sit over night, pull naptha. Did SWIY warm the naptha? Pot with water in a pot/pan with water in a pyrex measuring cup (not boiling! just warm!). Spice moves to warm naptha easier than room temp BUT if you have time, just let room temp Naptha sit, shake/ end over end turn the jar, leave it, come back in an hour do it again, repeat a few more times, sit and wait. Next day pull the naptha and freeze. SWIY will get different results. SWIM does not own scales. SWIM has notice when he is impatient that yield is low, but when he waits, the spice flows.

PATIENCE is the key according to SWIM.
jimbobjones said:
There are only 2 possibilities SWIM can think of...
1) Some say use ~7ml water per g of bark, and/or use more Lye.
2) The bark was flat bunk. Upon retro-inspection, it seems the bark might have been outer root bark, [from a prominent supplier!!] and not inner root bark... would this make THAT much of a difference?

Well buddy...
Your lye/mimosa amount is 1:1 and, that's more than enough.
Althouth SWIM usually uses less water than you do, that also shouldn't be a problem.
You have the 1:15:1 ration going, lye:water:mimosa
You could try 1:7:1 as you said and it may help some but, not sure how much ...

If your bark is not powdered, toss it in a blender.
You'll get a bigger yield much easier that way.

By the way, SWIM has done warm and room temp pulls.
He really suggests sticking to room temp.
Works great and pulls less fats in SWIM's experience.

It does sound as though you've sadly just come across some bunk bark.
It happens from time to time, even with good vendors.
Add 100mL naphtha and warm the entire thing for a couple of hours in a tub of hot water. Stir it frequently (don't shake, just stir). Pull off your naphtha.

Take ALL of your naphtha pulls, put it on a flat pan or something and sit it in front of a fan until you have less than 75 or so mL. Stick in the freezer and leave overnight.
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