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What would you do with peppers?

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Would you eat them? Smell them? Just look at them?

I have a few big handfuls of peppers that I can't stomach before their shelf life runs out. I'm thinking about making hot sauce. I've never made it before and I think it would be interesting to make using a variety of peppers. I have 4 or 5 varieties; aji mango, aji pineapple, and a few others I can't think of at the moment.

Maybe I can make some delightfully flavored pepper spray. Or maybe I'll just pickle em. Either way Im' going to go through and try to save the seeds from at least 3 or 4 pods of each variety. The last time I did this my hands stung my eyes the next day, after numerous hand washings and two showers. My red peppers are particularly flagrant.
You can do many things with them, a quick search tells me that the peppers you possess are quite tasty and fun.

Your orange and yellow fruits would be beautiful, raw, chopped up and added to a tomato salsa, or a fruit salsa also; when I make a mango salsa, I like a green jalapeno, because of the color, but yours will look nice also.

They probably taste good just munching them, if they're not too hot for you.

You (well, I) might char them, maybe under a broiler, over an open flame, maybe in cast iron, whatever works for you. Then you can add them to a soup a stew an omelet, the charring (peel that char off) can add a delicious smokiness.

Sear them with onions and sweet peppers to add to fajitas or a sandwich.

I think you'll enjoy them, I'm sure I would.
Freeze them
Make hot sauce
Make spicy fermented cabbage with salted cabbage

Be sure to soak and rinse the seeds before drying

I love Aji Pineapple!
MMmmmm, great ideas; thank you.

I wish I had thought about freezing them before; I've let so many go to waste over the last few months. I just didn't have the time or energy to do anything with them with school and low energy etc.

I never heard of charring them;I'm definitely going to look that up and give it a shot.. I love smoky stuff.

I have the varieties names written down somewhere, I'm pretty sure I have an idea of which is which though. I think the aji pineapple are long shaped yellow peppers. The really hot similarly shaped, red peppers, are red datil I believe. I had so many other varieties that I grew this year and let so many of them fall by the way side; probably had a good 15 varieties or so. At least I'll have a ton of seeds of these plants so I won't have to buy any more of them again and can give a bunch out.

It seems worth mentioning that wearing rubber gloves helps deal with the chilli fingers situation.

A very simple approach to a glut of peppers is to tie them up on a string and hang them in your kitchen as a decoration while they dry out.
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