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Whats a good online source for chemicals

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I was going to try out the FASA extraction but I'm not sure of any good sources of chemicals.I don't know if there is many chem suppliers that are scam sites but wanted to order from a reputable site that ships within the states.Thanks:)
Nah man I really wasnt aware, thanks for the heads up about that.

and buydmt.com? who the hell would order from a site named that?
Oh, there are all sorts of semi legal businesses set up by the DEA to moniter the sales and inflow and outflow of chemicals and extracts moving around and in and out of the US. You can find the name of some of these businesses on wetdreams.ws
I didn't really think there was much restriction on the chemicals that we use.All I need is ACS lab grade Acetone and Xylene.I thought they were so commonly used that it wouldn't be a big deal.
No, xylene and acetone are pretty safe chemicals. But things like sassafrol oil and what not are actually traded and sold by DEA run businesses to moniter and get an idea of the general activity of the product in and out of the country.
Yeah I wouldn't order sassafrol oil for nobody.Much wiser to exract or synth that yourself.But I guess nobody wants to share any of their sources so I'm going to just order and hope that it arrives.This is a good deal on Acetone I was looking at http://secure.sciencecompany.com/Acetone-ACS-Reagent-Grade-16oz-P6659C670.aspx .Here is the max impurities listed.
Color (APHA)
Density (g/ml) at 25° C
Residue after evaporation
Solubility in water
To Pass Test
Acidity (as CH3COOH)
<0.0003 meq/g
Alkalinity (as NH3)
<0.0006 meq/g
Aldehyde (as HCHO)
Isopropyl Alcohol
Substances Reducing KMnO4
To Pass Test
>99.5% (CH3)2CO

Are any impurities going to react with the extraction?Also I have a question about the xylene.I cannot seemed to find a good grade of xylene of the net for a decent price.Every site I visit has it extremly expensive.The only type that I have seen around here comes in a blue can identical to the VM&P Naptha.Would that be considered clean enough or do I need to find a certain name brand?Thanks
I was under the impression that store bought acetone contains trace amounts of heavy metals.If you have used acetone and xylene from a store what are some of the brands you trust?
Thanks for that amor_fati.I'll have to do some looking around for that.Would SWIY have any recommendations for xylene?Also I just noticed that this should have been placed in the general in noob section.My apologies for that
I wouldn´t mind being blacklisted by DEA having cheap, good DMT without extraction. And hell, Synergistic Effects is a Canadian owned business. As they say on their website.
haha..that's funny

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