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Whats the optimal pH to extract from MHRB?

Bas Sarkin

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SWIM would like to know what the optimal pH to extract from MHRB is, as well as the minimum pH. Some info says 9+, others 11, or 12, some even 14.
Hi Bas,

Most methods use an abundance of sodium hydroxide to help with the breakdown of the plant material and change the ionic strength of the mixture therefore the ph will in most instances be somewhere around ph 13 to the max of 14, this is the optimal range for STB methods with some AB methods one could do with a little lower range of Ph.

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It's also a matter of exactly how one goes about extracting from the MHRB. Using hot (60°C) vodka, one can obtain a tincture at the natural pH of the bark. Calcium hydroxide can then be used to precipitate the tannins while simultaneously converting the DMT to freebase, albeit still dissolved in aqueous ethanol. An exact pH measurement is unnecessary with such a method, although it remains to be seen whether the crude freebase would be directly usable from this procedure, after evaporating the vodka. As such, it constitutes a work in progress.
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