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Whats with the music?

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magic clown

aka Slap Stick Sam
On the home page there is a fun place. In the fun place, there is a music spot. That music has been "coming soon" for over two years now. We have two threads on the board on music. Is there a practicle way of using that music spot where members could share their favorite "tripping music"?

I play the horn in a band called "Whats That dreadfull Noise"? I couldn't honestly say you would want to listen to it whilst tripping or in the bath or whilst washing the car or doing any of the other things normal people do. Perhaps if you were using psychedelic drugs to torture someone, it may be useful.
Smokeydaze asks, "Anywhere I can here it"?

Now that is a bloody good question, well presented, it deserves an answer.
Hi all,

Sharing your own music sounds like a good idea.

It will be allowed as long as the work is NOT copyrighted, no excuses allowed! We don't need any copyrights lobby peeking at us so be shure with what you share.

As a kick off I've uploaded one song I created with a good friend of mine, it's called FireFly and this partical version was created for the funeral of my mother. This instrumental song is about life and about being positive even when things get though.


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