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Where do SWIY find there Plant Teacher?

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SWIM is eager to begin my first DMT extraction. SWIM has all the ingredients for an extraction (A/B). Except for the most crucial ingredient, the plant itself. SWIM is wondering if you all could give SWIM a hand on where to find these plants, wether it be outside or in Shop. WI in middle of Winter, everything is dead so its highly unlikely SWIM will be able to identify anything outdoors. Any help will bring SWIM one step close to a break-through.
Thanks Again
check out the Suppliers thread..BBB is usually decent..the latest supplier one has cheap MH..check out the thread it will help
Huh, i may be blind or something i can't seem to find the suppliers thread anywhere. Although i think i may call up some local Garden-Centers and see if they have any Acacia family plants. If there are any more common and easier to obtain plants that I am over-looking please let me know.
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