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Which Tek/ Which plants / Which reads

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Hey all first time poster so I'll throw in a bit of background with my question. Always been greatly intrigued by learning / understanding and respecting even the most commonly accepted "safe" things in this world. PerPLexED is always confused, and always looking to learn more, but in doing so, new questions arise and more confusion occurs. He has been hearing a lot about DMT, but only recently, started looking into it. He has experience with mushrooms(growing and eating), salvia, cannabis, meditation, love, amongst a few others of powerful conscious altering substances.

The questions:
What are some shamanic readings he should look into before traveling on his own? How should a sitter get prepared? How should setting be...set? Music?
Do different plants(chagropanga / phalaris grass/ MHRB) require different teks?
Perplexed is a first time chef, and is wondering how each tek is rated. Which is most reliable for yields of spice? Which has the greatest yield potential?

Thanks for reading and anything else noted upon will have more than all of PerPLexED gratitude.
I just started reading True Hallucinations and The Archaic revival by Mckenna. So far it's pretty interesting stuff though I can't very well recommend a book I haven't finished.
I'm new here myself but I figure I'll welcome you anyhow. This place is just as interesting as your introduction which I found to be very entertaining, unusual and absorbing.

I'm not a pro by any means but I do believe ext. teks for Phalaris grass are a little bit more involved than that of MHRB. I only looked at the grass teks briefly but I think the issue is with the Gramine that it contains. I think that is what contributes to the increased amount of steps in the tek.
I use MHRB but I found that I can get Phalaris grass for free since it is growning wild where I live in quite a few places.

I do know that there is a lot of information regarding your questions all over the site though. That's one thing I love about this place. THere is so much information here and it is all pretty well organized and easy to find.
Hope you find what your searching for.
Perplexed greatly appreciates your response! He is looking into purchasing some MHRB from multiple references he found on this site that has great quality, well priced, and good customer support. He knows people who have extracted spice before and is planning on inviting them to share this great experience with. Thanks again for the response, off to continue reading much to much for anyone's own good.
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