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while i'm on the topic about other entheogens, has anyone tried...

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ald-52? or inocybe aeruginascens? i hear it contains aeruginascin, a trimethylammonium analogue of psilocybin. plus ald-52 is really rare, i guess you could destroy your lsd making it, but it's supposed to have twice the shelf life, and be a little better.

if anyone has tried these substances i'd like to know.

(p.s. i know this is stupid but on a chemical note, since aeruginascin is a trimethylammonium analogue of psilocybin, and contain ammonia, does that mean if you had a pound of aeruginascin and mixed it with a few gallons of bleach, it would release chlorine gas? or does it have to be ammonia in it's natural state. After all, that would mean mixing salt with ammonia would release chlorine gas to a minute extent, which isn't possible is it?)
rumours go that some LSD wich is sold is actually ALD-52, although it's questionable why anybody would want to sell ALD-52 as if it was LSD. Nevertheless, it is my experience that some LSD trips sold, are somehow of better qualty, more pleasant than others. So maybe many more people have done ALD-52 without realizing it. It would be an explanation for the differences in quality experienced by me and others. In the 90's there where 2 type of papertrips sold that where said to contain more or less the same amount of acid (about 350 micrograms), one was called 'little dragon' and the other 'druïd'. In strength they indeed seemed to have the same impact, but for some reason i liked the dragon more then the druid. It seemed to give a more relaxed trip.
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