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White DMT, amazing visuals :)

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So I did a little revamping of my smoking technique.

Used a bong. Ashes>~60mg DMT>weed

Note: Neither the smell nor taste were acrid. It seems that much of the bad smell comes from OVERBURNING your dmt!

Unfortunately I remember very little of the trip as is common for me but I will try to convey the overall feeling

After exhale, I took a sip of water and it seemed that nothing was happening. T+20 seconds, no OEV, so I decided to close my eyes and lay back. I was looking through my eyelids but they were closed. Crystal clear (like I was sober and eyes open) visions of a girl, short hair in a dress. She wanted to give me something, maybe take me somewhere. I remember her reaching out to my hands.

I remember either opening my eyes or closing them again (they were closed) and feeling/seeing something close to my face. It felt like I was inches away from something. I felt/saw layers like boards moving back and forth. I know this makes no sense but it happened. It's just so hard to find the words to describe what I saw.

I felt like I was seeing these things not with my eyes but with my soul. It was like I was remembering something and visualizing it with my mind's eye (3rd eye) and this was coming in CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR.

I have never experienced such hallucinations. There were none of the changing colors or other typical hallucinations based on reality. These hallucinations were completely alien to my world.

One thing I dislike about DMT (at least this white batch) is immediately afterward I feel dumb. I am unable to find the right words to describe things and I often use the wrong words.

I wish I could hook up a camera to my brain to show you all what I Just experienced.
It sounds like you had some really really pure spice, and you jumped right to the heart of it all. One of the best parts about DMT is that the visuals are much unlike pretty much all other psychedelics. Closing your eyelids is like a portal to a headspace that is so expansive, so ROOMY. I think the feeling dumb part is natural sort of, as the shock of what happens cannot be integrated instantly. Was this your strongest DMT trip to date? The first time I broke through, I had done up to about 350ug of acid and 4g of mush before trying DMT, and coming out of the trance I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing, it felt like I had been born again into a completely foreign world. This stuff (spice) is special.

My VERY first extract and first proper smoking session with Dimitri the carpet started to grow, the room changed colors, INSANE FUCKING VISUALS. However these were kinda similar to LSD, not like this time. I also believe that DMT (first time) was contaminated with DMT N-oxide which was the cause of these visuals.

I've had experience with just about all purities of spice, from neon yellow to white white. This white DMT felt like ecstasy, pure bliss. I was very apprehensive all day to blast off, but my girlfriend gave me the positive vibes i needed to release that anxiety.
DMT over the times has changed its style for me. At first it was all ethereal, transient "ancient" sorta styled visuals, very comforting. I would still have the strange alien world type feel upon returning though. My more recent trips have been far more "cartoony" and really designed intricately with subtle humor and nonverbal commentary all over the place, like it's a life-review in super fastforward and I'm the one presenting the show. WEIRD MAN. I've never shared my hobby of spice usage to any girl tho... I imagine it would take certain kind of woman to appreciate it of course, so props to ya.
I remember either opening my eyes or closing them again (they were closed) and feeling/seeing something close to my face. It felt like I was inches away from something.
SWIM has that too, he always feels like his sitter is looking at his face really closely. He was told that he actually waves his hands around in front of his face while under the trip. He believes that light is increase drastically which seems to allow him to see through his eyelids but not crystal clear. More like, waving your hand in front of your face while looking at the sun.

He has no memory of waving his hands at all :p
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