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White spice weak?

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So swim finally got around to smoking 50mg of his nice white powder from his very first pull and nothing happened!? and then he packed 50 on top and still nothing (swim had gotten earlier stuff that he talks about on here from a friend).... Not so much that nothing happened, the usual room starting to move back and forth was their (but went away maybe 1 minute, not even, after hit was exhaled), but the feeling wasnt what it should have been and no CEV (something, but nothing worth talking about in the least other than a few brief glimpses of places he feels he should have been taken, like taking 15mg swim guesses). Swim was at a loss for words ....Could something have happened during extraction to make the spice inactive? Does swim maybe just need to convert to n-oxide for the boost he hears it gives? swim is very very confused.....
Swim smoked it the same way swim always does.... actually he put less ash than usual on top and used a bed of peppermint instead of ash. So maybe? Good call soulfood.....
But if anyone else has a suggestion other than swim burning and ruining his own time, a foaf is all ears
That's the only way I know of degrading DMT... other than Oxidation, but that doesn't deactivate it.

I stopped using leaf and just went for ash all the way because I used to be too lighter happy and set the leaf on fire.
Only things I can think of is:
a) maybe there's a lot of contam and SWIM should try recrystalizing
b) try a different method of smoking.
Good luck.
soulfood said:
That's the only way I know of degrading DMT... other than Oxidation, but that doesn't deactivate it.

I stopped using leaf and just went for ash all the way because I used to be too lighter happy and set the leaf on fire.
You should have had a smiley only th back of that
I have heard of "mimosa" giving massive xtals, but they are inactive...this happened a long time ago though.

50mgs should be providing SOMETHING...if you are getting NOTHING psychoactive off of it then there is a chance it is not DMT.

The only other 2 options I can think of are:

a) you have done other psychoacitves recently that produce a tolerance and a cross tolerance with DMT, any psychoactive tryptamine can do this, as can LSD and some phens like MDMA and Mescaline

b) you are REALLY burining your spice up. This has happened to me 60-90mgs would give me light OEVs that's it. I was flaming the hell out of my spice and it was just burning up, not vaporizing.
I think swim was getting cocky and thought he was too good to burn the spice and guess what?? He burnt it (probably).... He put barely any ash on top and didnt think maybe he should use less flame to balance out that choice. Another fresh extract should be coming along soon from the same mhrb, so he'll give an update to that. But he went back to the older stuff he had last night, put extra ash on top cause he was paranoid and things were good ;) But its wierd the white stuff cause the usual starting effect and than BAM! nothing....

Oh the smoke was harsh on certain hits and on the last hit swim took it stayed down for a second and came up with a big dry heave... another indicator of burning im sure. But its wierd the white stuff caused the usual starting effect and than BAM! nothing....

What lesson was learned? : Dont rush the vaping.... (but still need to see if the stuff swim is pulling is active anyway)
^ sounds almost exactly like my bad spice adventures. I would guess you are burning up your spice. That top/bottom layer really is there for a reason. Also are you using a bic type lighter or a torch lighter. For leaf/ash bed you really should be using a bic type lighter and don't burn the hell out of it.
Swim always uses a bic, every time he went to use a torch it wouldnt light up and he took it as a sign not to use it lol.... where were the signs for more ash hyper gods?? where???
But anyway, swim is going back to ash bed and blanket method,.... he doesnt see a reason for herbs anyway, filling his lungs with peppermint instead of spice is silly swim says...
SWIM's hypothesis is that the method of smoking, on ash, works better with yellow spice, because it is more oily. He thinks these oils prevent the spice from being burned, when flaming it, compared to the white spice that needs to be vaporized (without direct flame), or else much of the white spice is probably burnt, and therefore not vaporized.
Try heating the bowl from the outside allowing the temperature of the spice to rise and also liquifying.... only takes about 10-20 sec then light8) (steal bowl works best)
Also sounds to me like smoking technique problem. If the dmt melts into the herb on the bottom, its possible it infused it and not enough vaporized, or that you burned it, or didnt hold in long enough.. 50mg should be enough for maybe 3 puffs. Remember to hold in as long as possible in the lungs.
swim uses the vaporgenie, used to use the machine... But since the vg came around swim never had a problem. many many blast offs.... swim think it was from too little ash on top to be honest. but honestly not sure what happened.
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