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who here is in Australia

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Hey all, SWIM just registered, SWIM is from shroomery but would like to oursource his drug talents to other levels. DMT is fascinating and he's sure he can handle the experience, and oh look to SWIM's excitement he finds that acacia obtusifolia grows here in Sydney.

But SWIM does not know where to look for such a useful plant and would be very very grateful if anyone around Sydney would happen to know where such a useful plant would be found?
Is DMT relatively easy to find in Australian cities?
Melb/Syd, for example?
Swim only seen it once on the street years ago.
If you know where to look it's definitely there
If you spend your days in the suburbs keeping to yourself then you'll probably never find it. If you put yourself out there a little, inner tripper suburbs like Brunswick, Fitzroy, Collingwood, it's everywhere :d well, that's Melbourne, I can't speak for sydney
Interesing, im going to be working in one of the melbourne hospitals for a few weeks early next year. Doubt i'll have enough time or courage to go up to randoms and asking for DMT nevermind smoking random crystals people give me. Was just wondering out of general interest, cheers.
The East Pilbara in WA. Anyone know of any good tree source for DMT local to the pilbara? there was a rumor of 3% w/w in acacia colei (ABC talk back radio question on the internet) so i tried that, but with no success. it just turned up nothing (this tree is used as natural flour in Africa)
1664 said:
Am I in the wrong thread? I was just wondering if anyone could tell me who won the Ashes this year? 😉
Nope, sorry i couldn't tell you. i don't pay attention to that "sport"
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