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Why are they such bullies?

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I get this experience almost every single time.

First, this is what I wrote as I opened my eyes at about the 3 minute mark.

They don't want you to leave. They break a part of the experience and the panic sets in. You try to reason with them, they will not listen. You try to figure out why this is happening but you can't. It is all part of our reality. As soon as you grasp the fact that you are still sitting on your bed, you realize that every thought is part of it. Every thought is connected to it.

Now here is what I wrote about 20 minutes after.

As I was in there, there was a normal psychedelic scene. I was looking at this weird, organic object but there was something hiding underneath it. Like a filing folder. An entity took the folder out, I felt the same feeling I have always felt. The entity then put it back underneath for a few seconds, like it was testing me. The entity then took it out again and opened it up. The same feeling of being stuck in the DMT land once again hit me like a freight train. This feeling wouldn't allow me to reason or to think in the 3rd dimension. Each thought I had came back to the trip. It would't allow me to think that I will come out of this trip ever, it would tell me that each thought about coming out was a trip. A true looping. For example, "I am going to be out of this trip, back to normal life" would feel more like "I am going to be out of this trip, back to normal life. But wait, this thought is this trip, there is no way out, I am stuck." Every thought in the trip goes back to that same feeling of the trip. In these states, the trip and real life is a singularity. This thought pattern is best described as a trapping, looping existence. For the 5 minutes of the trip, you are 100% convinced that you are stuck and cannot leave as every logical thought is the trip.
What do you guys think?
Yes been there. Don't feel alone on that.

This can be hard to take on with words. I mean, the realization you are having is fundamentally true, whatever truth is. The same substance or experiential venue that makes up and acts as canvas for that place, in turn composes and makes up this place (normal/basal/consensus reality). If that makes paradoxical sense.

Not to sound like a broken record, as advice can sometimes seem on the nexus, but somehow letting go of discomfort at that realization or sensation/prospect, can release you from the horrifying thought loops. Stop holding on to the life-line that is the supposed dichotomies of these two states.
I don't mean to sound so dramatic. But it seems like you've arrived at the realization yourself.

Also, given these two worlds are so intimately linked, when you are doing 'well' (cultivating good vibes) on this side, you do well on the other side :thumb_up:

Best travels
Another layer of yourself being peeled back. Ignore it as it is not you. It is just a representation of your illusions. A loop is a certain knowing that a thought process is faulty. Once you can see your own faults in your thoughts you can take action to correct them.

I feel like hyperspace provides a view of your thoughts that becomes interactive. Change your thoughts and break away from the loop of thinking in this reality and in hyperspace. Break away from your thoughts and see that they do not truly represent who you are. They are but layers. Repetitive thoughts present themselves in hyperspace. This is a chance to identify the workings of the ego and break free.

I have begun to be very dismissive of any imagery or emotion that come into my dmt journeys. As entertaining and awe inspiring and confounding as this imagery may be, it is all illusions as far as I am concerned. Seeking the good. Avoiding the bad. I see it. I witness it. But I don't buy into any of it. I remain unmoved. As I witness, something else witnesses.

My thought is that if you are feeling like you cannot leave, then accept it. Allow your mind to believe it. Let it go into it fully. The more you go into it, the more the layer will be peeled back, and your true self will be revealed. Allow yourself to drift off into infinity and feel it all. Don't buy into it.

My favorite saying in psychedelics is 'pay attention and keep breathing' and that is what you have to do. Concentrate on your breath if you can and pay attention to what is displayed for you. It's for you, from you. Accept with gratitude.
I personally think that the feelings I encountered in DMT trips are non-anthropogenic versions of emotions encountered in daily life. The reason I draw this connecstion is that negative emotions too feel like you can not escape when ur in them.

I'm drawn to Sanskrit meaning of Cittas. But this is sure dogma.

Citta as a mindset can become "contracted" (i.e., unworkable), "distracted", "grown great", "composed", or the opposite of such qualities (M.I.59). It can be dominated by a certain emotion, so as to be "terrified", "astonished", or "tranquil." It can be "taken hold of" by pleasant or unpleasant impressions (M.I.423). A host of negative emotionally charged states can pertain to it, or it may be free of such states, so it is vital to develop or purify it: "For a long time this citta has been defiled by attachment, hatred, and delusion. By defilement of citta, beings are defiled; by purity of citta, beings are purified" (S.III.152).[15]
Attaining a purified citta corresponds to the attaining of liberating insight. This indicates that a liberated one's state of mind reflects no ignorance or defilements. As these represent bondage, their absence is described in terms of freedom.[16]

The focus on whatever is negative is not because they are bullies but because the universe has an interest in ur entire being. unpeeling as you could say the last scrap of ur weaknesses.

I'd say identify with it and to not succumb to distorting illusory perception.
The mind in Buddhist doctrine is composed of three parts: Consciousness, Mind [Mana] and emotion [Citta]. They are all interconnected in one way or another.

The manas are the sensory perception and the mental processes. Orientation of the Manas sounds to me like you are having trouble with. They Thought/mind is not real IMO but they are controlling of ur orientation.
DmnStr8 gives sound advice. It is the clinging nature of the ego. When we concourse with the relatively novel "ego dissolution" state(catalyzed by entheogens), the true function of the ego as protector/guard/creator of our matter bound identities becomes frightfully apparent.

When one rockets through to the wholly unitive state(no memory of mundane self/identity), the mighty struggle by the ego to protect itself from "annihilation" is often skipped or at least attenuated. However when, as is commonly the case, we enter the sub-unitive mystic space the ego continues to function doing its job, keeping the meat-puppet intact, physically and psychologically.

The key is to remember/recognize that the bullies, malevolent entities, infinite seeming thought loops, are YOURS. More accurately, from a cognitive phenom perspective, "they" are artifacts of your still operational ego function. Embrace them and breathe into them, this will often soften their grip.

Interestingly, difficulty typically arises on the ascent side of the trip while the ego senses its loosening grip. On the descent side of the trajectory, the ego seems to realize its resurgent grasp, often associated with blissful relief as one returns to familiar territory, home. Safe journeys!

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