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Why did you choose your avatar?

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Hi Nexians!

Why did you choose your avatar? When it comes to mine, I think it's pretty obvious.šŸ˜ I'm very interested in sacred geometry, Metatron's cube in particular. I had another avatar, which was also Metatron's cube, but I didn't like that one, so I changed it. I really like the one I have now. And the Metatron's cube is superimposed on the flower of life, which is doubly awesome.:lol:

Why did you guys decide on your avatars? Please feel free to share!
NicolƔs Rosenfeld creates all these amazing portraits of noted figures in psychedelic history, some of my favorites are posted in this thread NicolƔs Rosenfeld's portraits of noted psychedelicos - Music/Art/Literature - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

I chose the NicolƔs Rosenfeld portrait of Nick Sand because Rosenfeld's portraits are amazing, they really capture the individual.

Then, I chose Nick Sand because I have always had a very high affinity for Mr. Sand, mostly relating to the chemistry, the history, for his work, and for his philosophy regarding psychedelic compounds... the less I say here the better... but as far as his motivations, the chemistry, and the mission behind it, I highly relate to sand.

(Below I included some other NicolƔs Rosenfeld portraits, like sasha shulgin, Neal cassady, Maria Sabina, Castaneda and others...)



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I chose my avatar because the baby in it had such adorable chubby cheeks. I love babies. But i couldn't eat a whole one.
It represent a Tesla Coil.
I like it because it's like being in front of a huge amount of wild energy, constantly changing its shape. I find it pretty related to the concept of Impermanence, which is something I value a lot.

Plus this electric-shape is called Eye of Sauron, and I think Sauron is badass.
hug46 said:
I chose my avatar because the baby in it had such adorable chubby cheeks. I love babies. But i couldn't eat a whole one.

Mines a bunch of 'summer bugs' going to town on an apricot on concrete.
A photographed/edited representation of the local arts and indigenous communities. I chose it because the life around me now is rooted to some of this history. :thumb_up:
Some nice avatars :thumb_up:

I made mine in 3d maybe 15 years ago when I was very interested in alchemy, it's derived from an ancient alchemical symbol. Also used it for a board game (Alchimech).
Because it was one of the best pictures of myself I have ever taken and edited. Also with that hat, and with those glasses, only someone who knows me personally would recognize me. Everywhere else, and "it could be anyone's picture".
Well i chose Cannabacchus by Alex Grey cause it kinda looks like the artwork is peeking in my profile avatar and that's kinda how my journeys feel, like I'm peeking to other dimensions or witnessing the magic of the chemistry happening inside the brain during the experience, it also has a lot of eyes which i see a lot when i trip and finally it involves cannabis and that's were it all started for me, cannabis lead me to be more open to psychedelics and do my own research about them, this was when my journey of self discovery and improvement took a turn for the best.

After I registered my account for the DMT-Nexus forum, I took a while to complete my profile. The avatar was one of the last profile items I added.

First I thought of uploading a portrait of me, the Magic Monkey, as I'm known and feared by jungles and skies, but, strictly seen, this could lead to a copyright dispute (I don't know if copyright laws could be strictly applied in case of a Magic Monkey avatar taken from the comic book about my adventures along the Silk Roads, but I don't feel like taking unnecessary risks, though they could be handled magically).

I noticed that many Nexians use colorful, fractal avatars. I know some graphics programs, so designing an abstract avatar myself is a matter of minutes (and excludes copyright disputes for sure).

For a while I was undecided what avatar to choose. Use a portrait from the comic book anyway? Use a picture I had created recently, a picture I really like? Or create a new one? Then on one of my first intense DMT trips in February I saw fractal patterns colored white, silvery, gray, black similar to the picture I had created recently, now my avatar (see attachment). It could resemble a fish-eye or 360 picture of the view I had on DMT. That answered my avatar question.

After all, my avatar was easy to choose.


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