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Why does the spice turn yellow?

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Dee Em Tea

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High, First of all, I’d like to say, that you guy’s have a wicked forum here. SWIM has been reading up for a long time now, on how to make the spice. And a week ago SWIM finally got his first shipment of Mimosa Hostilles (MHRB. Rootbark). He’s been using the quicktek to extract the spice. Although if I read Nomans tek.this one is slightly different. With this tek. SWIM has used 1 gram of Lye, to 15 ml of water to 1 gram of Mimosa. Also what differs, is that SWIM after the first pull, adds new Nafta to extract all the spice from the bark. He found, that by doing this, there is a lot more spice coming out. My question is though, if anyone knows, why the spice that comes out the second extraction is always yellow, instead of white? Tomorrow I’ll upload some pics, to let you see how SWIM did. Greetings from Holland Dee Em Tea
swim thinks that the longer the base solution the more stuff gets released so when you do your later you get more than just spice this is just a theory though
@DreaMTripper:Thanks for stopping by. :p SWIMM has an other quistion though. Today SWIM is attempting his first recistalisation, for this he's aquired some alcaholbased stuff, called N.N. Demethyl Chloride. SWIM loves the name for one, but do any of you guy's know if this is a good thing to use :?: A friend of his, brought some from his work, where it's been used as a break cleaner. SWIM Has evaporated some, and it disapeard in seconds, and left no residu. A short while ago SWIMM has desolved 1 gram of the yellow spice in it, and is planing on letting it slowly evaporate. Or do you guy's advise to freez it after it cooled down to room temprature :?: Your advise would be most welcome. :D Greetzzz from Holland, Dee Em Tea
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