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Why you should NOT take DMT

Migrated topic.
_Trip_ said:
A link to a blog that asks for money for DMT courses/ donations on machine elves? The whole blog writes about the mystical psychedelic realm as if it's truth from the authors POV. It almost reads as if its cult like material. I'd be weary of what this member claims DFZ.
Don't imagine that I hadn't already caught a whiff of something a bit farmyardy from the 1st post M.O. alone 😉 Where is this blog link (sigs turned off atm) - I can probably get it removed since advertising without permission is expressly forbidden in the Attitude. It's also forbidden to share personal contact information, which the blog also does.
dmt machine elves said:
people say you cannot die but i did when i stopped breathing. i was able to come back but i did die.
So, you died but then resurrected as Jesus Christ? Not bad.
Or are you now writing from the other world? Well, that's pretty good. I didn't know that after death they allow to access the internet 😁
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