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Wondering if I can do DMT again

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A month and a half ago I had a mild serotonin syndrome issue when I foolishly did syrian rue + tyramine containing food + mushrooms + changa.

Nowadays I feel mostly okay with regular exercise, fresh foods in my diet etc. About two weeks ago food used to cause anxiety (maybe receptors were sensitive?) and had to stay away from a lot of spices including black pepper.

Occasionally get some light electric feeling in head and back after exercise or eating food that has more spices, I would describe it as a good feeling though... never had this before though.

Been wondering about revisiting dimitri or shrooms again (minus any MAOIs; they are fine, just not for me at this time after such an episode.)

Thinking I might be safe to do so since it's been a while and no maois in system any longer?

Oh yeah one other thing, 3 days ago I did a microdose on shrooms and got some anxiety for an hour but it passed; never had anxiety in my entire life so I imagine this is just my body readjusting or sensitive receptors? idk.
Serotonin syndrome is an acute event that usually ends with the need for medical attention.
The crises lasts hours, not weeks.

Hypervigilance of normal bodily sensations, on the other hand, is one of the most common symptoms of generalised anxiety and fits with what you describe.

You are fine to revisit the substances without a maoi if you are mentally and physically well.
Without sounding condescending, it might help to first reflect on the topic of anxiety.
And a heads up, many people who suffer with anxiety are unaware their physical symptoms are a consequence of anxiety.

Hope that helps
I did have a visit to the ER when it happened and saw a neurologist as it lasted a bit more than 30 minutes with heartrate elevated to 160bpm.

The doctors gave me cyproheptadine, did that for a few days, didn't feel right so quit it all and just engaged in lots of exercise at least 5 days a week (usually lots of cardio and sweating,) along with fresh and whole food eating, more meditation etc.

What was most particular was the sensitivity to foods that were mild maois or a bit psychoactive in any capacity including turmeric, black pepper etc. Usually these spices caused anxiety to manifest itself -- so simply stayed away from them.

I'm quick to put stuff off as a placebo, except that the first time it happened was eating typical foods and meats as normal except one day it had black pepper (didn't know.) 15 minutes later had intense anxiety attack. Believe me when I say, have never had anxiety issues my whole life and always thought it was no big deal and people who had the issues were exaggerating.

I imagine my receptors are just going to be a bit sensitive for quite a while which is causing the issues.

about 40 minutes ago I did 6mg of dmt, it felt nice and relaxing with a headbuzz. Tried to think more about the hypervigilance and be aware I might be overthinking some aspects. But 100% a lot of the physical sensations are there that were never there prior (lots of tingling in the scalp etc. tightening of muscles in back from time to time (almost electric feeling?))

Then 15 minutes later vaped 10mg of dmt alone. THIS WAS STRONG. Used to breakthrough easily with 30mg, but this time, with just 10mg felt hypervigilant about everything as you say. Really noticed my heartrate shooting up and it felt like drums in my head. I began to freakout and was going to run outside but then something told me to just come back down sit and meditate.

And then it came to me. Since I have seen so much over the years with dmt and mixing all sorts of psychedelics together, it wanted me to start over. To appreciate everything and start small doses of dmt once again.

So suppose I truly appreciate this. Am so sensitive now that it almost felt like was about to breakthrough and such a ridiculously low amount of 10mg / 96%.

The takeway is that I now exercise way more than I used to (was already athletic,) eat a lot fresher, etc.

So thanks. It's not possible for me to get SS again without maois or anything, but just have to be careful with the dose amounts until I'm ready for what I used to do.
Update: After talking to my neurologist, he says the anxiety developed from the DMT use episode where I had the mild SS case. Stated chemicals and receptors in brain getting back to balance and if I choose to continue, to wait at least till I feel 100% normal with daily life / eating and for anxiety to go away.
What was most particular was the sensitivity to foods that were mild maois or a bit psychoactive in any capacity including turmeric, black pepper etc. Usually these spices caused anxiety to manifest itself -- so simply stayed away from them

This really caught my eye. Were there any other foods which 'set you off' besides spices? This is part of my ongoing line of research so whatever details you can give would be very useful.

Wishing you continued improvement in your journey of self-discovery <3
Most spices were okay, but things that were aged such as hot sauce, vinegars, black pepper (not peppers themselves, just black pepper,) turmeric (sometimes, but not always usually in combination with black pepper.)

But normally, all those spices give you a tiny boost of serotonin, so it makes sense. After nearly almost two months I can eat black pepper without issues and various spices including turmeric and aged cheese. It was just during those few weeks post SS issues that the receptors were extra sensitive.

I can only vape 5mg for the time being... I'm used to doing a lot lot more without any issues -- it's like re-learning DMT for me when I knew it so well :)

I'm hoping in another month or so I can start to resume my breakthrough quantities again.
So, just to confirm, it was basically aged cheese, vinegars, a few other fermented products, and some spices. No other foods at all? (It's not really the spices that interest me here.)

Besides the food issue, it's very interesting to read of how your serotonin receptors have become so hypersensitive. OK, it might be TAAR or dopamine receptors, or the resulting response being magnified - but anyhow, thanks for sharing!
To clarify, immediately after I had to be careful with diet, not because there was a risk but more so that eating too much tryptophan heavy foods was annoying with heavy dizziness. But you have to eat to live so, etc.

The first week after the episode I had to stay away from all spices just in case, but most noticeably I ate black pepper on chicken and that really screwed me up with tremendous anxiety and it felt like I was tripping. Same with some fermented food like kimchi.

I think by the third week I could integrate aged foods without much issue, but still did so sparingly. Black pepper still would cause noticeable stressful feelings. Stuff like walking in the grass in the sun did increase my serotonin some and it once again felt like I was almost tripping lol.

What helped the most was engaging in vigorous cardio DAILY, regardless of the symptoms after, and eating entirely fresh foods, nothing aged.

Then after the 1.5 months I could then eat black pepper again and various spices without issues.

Returned to try 5mg then 10mg DMT and I almost broke through on a mere 10mg but was symptomatic so decided that now, I will take another 2 month break and see how I feel then.

Anyways, I have really top tier neurologist in Manhattan who gave me the best advice. Eat fresh, as much as possible with no spices until they have no effects anymore, and exercise vigorously, sex, etc. all things natural to re-balance chemicals in brain after they have been through so much.

Hope this answers the questions... doing much better now :D
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