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would you help me choose my major?

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By offering your insights and opinions on the criteria I'm about to lay down.

I'm 22, and I've just gotten to the point where my General Education is complete and I need to focus on my major classes. Problem is that I haven't picked just one area yet. So please let me offer a little self-disclosure and maybe you can produce some jewel of your own wisdom to help me out.

I'm a lover of nature, philosophy, mystery, beauty, reading, writing, making music, and talking to people one on one. I'm kind of a hippie, except I have a job and I'm financially responsible. I'm also realistic, practical, and confident in my passions and intelligence.

But I'm an introvert. Part of the reason I'm putting myself through college is to try to learn some people skills. I have a hard time interacting with people who flaunt their materialism and lack of depth. Although I'm *very* interested in science, I'm not the best at math, and its the one thing I've struggled with in my education. Everything comes very easily.

So far, I've considered majoring in:

-Psychology (very interested in the mind, like all you's are, I'm sure. Psychotherapy maybe.)
-Computers (there's a good job outlook and I'm pretty savvy with technology.)
-English/Journalism (Writing has always been my foremost creative outlet, I just worry about the market.)

-Bio-Chemistry (One or the other. I'm just fascinated by observing the fractal on such a small scale.)

At any rate... the job I choose must allow me to pursue my own obscure interests and hopefully make a positive difference in the lives of groups or individuals.

Thank you for any advice.
Double Major in psychology and organic chemistry, and help us dispell myths about halucinogenics and drugs in general and lend credibility to their healing powers. Lol, there are alot of people on here who would love that. Psychology and chemistry are both great things to be interested in and I'm sure you could get over the math part. If your gonna do computers, do something with them that you enjoy. To many people, "Work jobs that they hate to buy shit that they don't need." Thanks Tyler. Don't do computer just for the money side of it. Journalism is awesome stuff to, my room mate is major in sports journalism. But the market for those kinds of things is a concern. Well, not so much the market, but positioning yourself so that you can make a sustainable living off of it. Just think about how you will feel about your line of work if you are still doing it 20 years from now.

I personally am thinking about of psychology and organic chemistry double major or a neuroscience and organic chemistry double major. The human brain and it's psyche absolutely fascinate me.
What about ethnology/Social Anthropology + internship journalism afterwards. You could work as a travel journalist, reporting on shamans healing with psychoactive plants :d
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