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WOW words can not do this justice.

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I looked at my solvent I saved that was in the freezer and saw white crystal on the bottom and sides. I poured it out and evaped it in the garage with a cool fan blowing over it all day in a casserole dish. I ended up with an area of crystals and a large area of yellow goop. I scooped up all the goop and saved it on the rim of a 100ml flask.
I was so excited that I rolled my glass dabber in the goop and fired up the dab rig. I took one full lungful held it as long as I could and then took another hit and set the pipe down. I had jazz going in the living room and I could hear the music slow down and stop. I had mad visuals and when I closed my eyes I kept seeing a Question Mark coming at me over and over surrounded by mad visuals. I got the message each time the Question Mark would come. Are you ready are you really ready? Are you sure are you really sure you want to know?.
I have spent the last 40 years engaged in the fun pursuits, Martial Arts, Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Mountain climbing, Sailing, Blowing shit up with ten deployments and 69 countries stepped foot in. I would compare LSD to DMT like a horse and buggy and the Saturn Five Rocket. When the music started again I was on the downside and just got on my hands and knees staring at the patterns in the carpet. My hands were shaking from the adrenaline rush, my old friend.
I still have several millimeters of stuff in the bottom of my banger. I look forward to further experiences but I will say that words just can not express it.
I really like your comparison the buggy and the rocket. Quite apt.

And, I forget how I read it on the nexus, but something like “LSD and DMT synergize together beautifully “.

Best of all, we have folks like the two who just replied to you to help guide us.
I am happy that this website exists. I can not talk to anyone here in my little town that I know about my kitchen chemistry for operational security. I talk to the beautiful wife but she does not have a frame of reference. She has only done MJ so she tries to understand and fails as we know words are not adequate. I am thankful for all the knowledge available.
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