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WTF.... DMT answered

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A year ago I would have thought this was crazy talk.

After my 100 gram run I evaped the Naps 50% and chucked it in the freezer. This morning there was just a glimmer of crystals so I put it in front of a cool fan in the garage for 4 hours. I was left with a very small field of yellowish slightly sticky crystals.

I weighed it and it was 50mg out of 100 grams. I got it all on a glass dabber and fired up the quartz banger. I vaped it all easily not harsh at all. I got a good rush and patterns stamped into the walls and ceiling.

I had the feeling that DMT was telling me to not give up you are almost there. Look I left this 50mg in this bark keep at it. So after next payday, I will acquire 100 grams here and there and see what happens.:?:
Yeah, don't give up! 50 mg seem like a big dose, but a small yield from a 100 g extraction. Maybe you already know what's up, but if you need advice on getting a deeper trip with less dmt or getting better yields, I for one am happy to help.

Welcome traveller.
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