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xylene naptha binary solvent

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has anyone else tried this technique with STB? my friend tried this after his naptha pulls were acting goofy because of a slightly different method and woke up to watchglasses covered in white rice grain sized spice with the usual orange goo mixed between them
yup, my friend is going to try again alittle more quantitatively soon :) he actually got a mix of crystals after it fully dried many very white and a few pretty yellow-orange along with white-slightly tan dry waxy residue between them that could be scraped up

he's guessing the solvent was *about* 1 part xylenes and 2 parts naptha, yielded 520mg crystals and about 150mg residue from about 100g bark, this was after 2 naptha pulls of about half the volume of solvent of the 3rd pull yielded only about 60 mg per pull when evaped
also i remember the watchglass with more airflow *edit: (thus faster evaporation) gave better separation

so it could be evaporation conditions and/or the solvent

who knows :)
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