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xyleno + Tuluene + Acetic Acid = WTF :O

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Today i mixed this 3 compunds and let them in a plastic container.

In less than 2 minutes ,have degradated the plastic and leave a oily transparent cancerigen plastic texture, very nasty.

What happened when i mix the 2 compounds? appear another so much potent?
I forget update the title, now is corrected.

I put the solvents into a plastic container for mix them with a spoon. The bottle is HDPE.
Xylene and toluene combined will make quite a good job of dissolving various types of plastic. Now you know!

Did you add glacial (100%) acetic acid? Sounds like you were back-salting some alkaloid or other, so I would guess not.
Either xylene or toluene will attack plastic thats nothing new.

Always use glass or stainless steel.
But rather only glass (Steel doesnt like some acids and some bases)
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