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Yagé garden ( collection of psychotria and diplop)

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ufa yage chiga ña
:? I have a certain interest in ethnobotanical plants, especially in plants that are used in the ayahuasca cashier ritual here in Colombia, they can be found in the Wild or in a cultivated way, some being native and found endemically in certain departments in certain localities such as in the Amazon as well as in the highlands before I am a collector of some of these species, the psychotic species as well as banisteriopsis and diplopterys also entering them, not only limiting themselves to the plants concurrently used in the travel ritual but also in some analogues of them.


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Thanks for posting. A nice collection!

Your psychotria (especially as seen in pic #6) looks quite different to the ones I'm used to seeing.
I would be interested to hear from javat what plant is in pic #6. It looks definitely like a Psychotria to me.

The Psychotrias here do look different from the usual P. viridis I'm used to seeing.
All except for the one in pic #5 look like P. alba/carthagenensis due to the leaf margin not going all the way down petiole (leaf stem)/not reaching the main stem.
#5 looks like a viridis to me, the leaf margin goes all the way to the base of the stem. That's how I've learned to identify them, but there may be hybrids or unexplored active alba/carth. Anyway, if it does what you want in a brew, that's perfectly fine :) but it would be interesting to hear about success with alba/carth as Nexus analysis shows it lacking in dmt.

Here's a pic of what I understand about differentiating, alba on left, viridis on right


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I have been cultivating psychotria alba for some years, I only have a few psychotrias viridis or others are carthagenensis, also a variety of diplopterys have fallen into my hands, something more strange than the cabrerana, it is patent diplopterys longialata
it is known as "spearhead" here in colombia
Thats are the species


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