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Migrated topic.
Yea welcome back,what was wrong?I have to have my nexus fix and was withdrawing from the site being down.wow what a rush it is to be back on!
MAN IS IT GOOD TO BE BACK HOME !!!! Hey benzyme.
I was lost without this place and i caused a little bit of a raukus on another forum that some of us members belong to and nexian refugees started pouring in,just to try and figure out what was going on. For the first week i thought we were shut down,untill travellor posted the issue on the "other" forum.
I am so glad to be back and see you guys. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
No other forum even comes close.
I do want to give a heads up and say for the last month, i've been getting pm's from random people that i have never interacted with nor have seen them post anything substantial, asking about rc vendors,to which i did not reply.
Also, another individual has been hunting me down (even on other forums) asking what kind of yield swim was getting from mhrb coming from a particular vendor as if to trip swim up.
I am glad it was just a technical difficulty but at the same time we should all be a little more careful.
It's so good to see you guys. :d
I don't even know where to begin posting...oh wait, I just did!

SWIM gathered a lot at the "other forum," though. Mostly pertaining to non-dmt subjects, but SWIM also found some great info on acetone extractions of dmt and its analogues--they were both posted by nexians though...go figure.
Great to have this back, thank god! :d As dwitthy said also will make me be more carefull in the furture, went very paranoid as my friend had just been busted for soemthing. I thought the net was closing lol Though in the past not made many posts in extraction thread, I mean could you get done for saying I when talkign about experiences??? I mean here they dont bust junkies that go in for overdosing
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