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Is Yopo orally active? I would think theoretically it would be... the 25% snail shell or lime should be the activator, correct?

I enjoy exploring each plant but have severe sinus issues and really don't feel like playing with the traditional method.

Anyone have any prior experience? Please let me know.
i wouldnt recommend it...it will most likely make you feel very not good...but maybe somebody knows something i dont
Yes, it's active orally but bufotenine causes nausea when taken orally. The nausea lasts as long as the trip does, which is about 3 hours. The trip peaks after about 90 minutes.

You can take 1-3 Datura stramonium seeds to block the nausea by the way. It also increases the potency of bufotenine a little bit.
[quote='Coatl]That is what I was thinking... you don't need lime if your going to ingest it! Use an MAOI, not LIME!
Why use a MAOI? Have you tried that and found it to be necessary?
Don't use an MAOI. Use 1-3 Datura stramonium seeds with it. SWIM has tried BOTH. An MAOI like harmine or harmaline will increase the nausea to a really unpleasant level. 1-3 Datura stramonium seeds will block the nausea completely.

Lime is NOT good to ingest except in very tiny amounts. It can make your body too alkaline, which is very dangerous.
Kannamate said:
do you think 1-3 stramonium seeds would block the nausea of unextracted seeds though?

Yes. It works very well.

Garulfo said:
Could'nt ammonia be used to freebase the bufo salts in yopo ?
After all, there is no residue once it is evaporated.

Ammonia works. SWIM has done that before. But if you're going to eat the seeds it wouldn't make any difference because they would form salts in your digestive system anyway.
Smoking bufotenine is already harsh on the lungs. I can't imagine what it would be to smoke the seeds directly... But that should do something.
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