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you know

Migrated topic.
I think a commonly practiced hobby here has a knack for cutting though the bullshit, or stacking it up real high. One of those.
really? i haven't seen much bullshit at all. I think this is about the coolest forum, I wish it had 50x the members, but then, who knows, it might bring in a lot of crap.

Oh well, I kind of regret making this thread, like it's an imposition to other boards.
Non-DMT specific thread moved to the Tavern

imachavel, I'm glad you enjoy this forum. Have you ever used dmt? The reason I ask is because I see a lot of your threads about LSD, but nothing for the spice.
god, does it matter?

i mean what's one psychedelic to the next?

anyway, yes, I didn't like it. should I just say 'psychedelic' from now on instead of specifying which one?
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