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You're all balled up in consciousness.

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Rising Star

Before I knew somewhat the nature of thought,
I had no problems in not being in the way of my own thinking -
no block.
And before I knew who I was,
I had no obstacle in my way of the experience of Now.
Unconscious there was a Now to be of,
I knew no departure from the present reality.
Until I found out indeed there was a somewhere here and now
of which to be.
Becoming conscious of my consciousness I fell
for the first time into the darkness of the Lost.
Tempted into the hypnosis of self-consciousness,
I became fascinated with an image of I.
Because we have mirrors and all kinds of ways
by which to look at and examine ourselves we
can no longer understand that ourselves is something
actually impossible to directly see.
Just as fire is not hot to self and therefore
cannot burn itself,
who you really are is invisible to your inspection always.
All mirrors betray. Cover them all.
Allow the memory of your face to fade from consciousness,
and who you really are comes into full view the only place possible -
outside of you in your immediate external world.
You are no longer a dog chasing its own tail.
You are no longer trying to catch who you are by an image,
neither in thought nor in mirrors external.
Having disappeared to self - who you think you are -
the real You emerges through the Other.
When you look into mirrors, images of yourself, old pictures,
you are checking in with the past to make sure you still exist.
Because you're all balled up in consciousness.
It's time you become unraveled,
and wake up to the marvelous impossibility you are.
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