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Youtube DMT Experiences Vs T Mac and D Mac

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I notice that a lot of people take issue with people posting videos of DMT reports on youtube, I would tend to agree that a lot of these people seem a bit foolish and lack respect for the compound but who am I to say that I'm any better and I'm sure there are others who treat it with more respect (but probably equal fear :shock:) than I do.

Yet most people seem to be perfectly fine with Dennis Mckenna or Terrence Mckenna lectures and experience reports, but god(s) for bid Joe Rogan says something. I guess my question is, where and why do we this distinction? I personally don't have a problem with Joe Rogan, but I would agree that certain people are more nuanced and eloquent in their lectures about DMT. Nontheless I find my self questioning why so many are look down upon for publicly sharing their interpretation of the experience, while others are celebrated.

Please clarify quickly as the aliens are going too keep me in this quantum superposition box until I understand this discrepancy, and from what I can tell if I don't figure it out they wont even dip my soul in cocktail sauce before they consume it, and I thing soul-shrimp is best served with cocktail sauce. just saying
Everyone is free to do as they please, including speaking in absolutes. I think the reason people take issue with some of the videos is the inabsolute nature of the experience. A lot of the videos I've seen are of those so sure of what is happening, which to the naive curiosa watching may lead to a false colouring of their experience when they finally get up the courage to dive in.
Check out what people say on this thread:

I think most here are worried about people who use DMT inappropriately or recklessly and supposedly give a bad face to the community of users. Dennis and Terence have been "vetted" by the community in a sense, and it is known that they do not spread what is considered to be dangerous advice.

A lot of it comes down to character and reputation judgments I think. A common fear is that the guy covered in tattoos and piercings smoking DMT in some forest with a freeway in the background or in a weird apartment while filming himself is doing a disservice to the reputation of DMT, which hinders legalization and may even encourage more prosecution and/or regulation due to increased awareness. Personally, I find this to be a little judgmental and sometimes even classist, but the fact remains that the general public will not respond positively to such representations of the molecule's use. Therefore we are compelled to flag these videos to protect the legality of certain plants and keep awareness low.

I have flagged a few in the past but do not actively do it. Flagging, even though it rarely works, is a double-edged sword because such videos have introduced many people here to DMT. Ultimately I think there are better, more wholesome kinds of resources (like the Nexus!) to find information on experiences and extractions, but not everyone has the same view of the inabsolute/subjective experience as Sphorange talks about. If you do not think the videos should be flagged, then just don't flag them! If enough are offended and think a video does particular harm, then it will come down with time.
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