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  1. Self-container

    A self-contained intro

    I already introduced myself a little in this post. However, I'd like to post a more proper introduction (more generally representative) just for the sake of sharing who I am (and also because my ego likes to talk about itself, heh). If my introduction resonates with anyone, I hope you don't feel...
  2. A

    Exp. Report Pharmahuasca Trip Report

    Greetings, I'm just going to get right into it because that is why I am here. But first, here's some context This was my first experience with orally taken DMT and Syrian Rue. I will first talk about how I prepared the DMT/Rue and then get into the details of the trip in the order which they...
  3. Subtlevibrations

    Scripture Superthread

    As most of you have discovered through your own genuine experience, organic mystic/enlightment experiences and those elicited with the aid of substances are not very different. The visions and insights we gain in the expanded state help us live our daily lives in a very real and tangible way...
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