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Experience report

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I'm just going to get right into it because that is why I am here.

But first, here's some context

This was my first experience with orally taken DMT and Syrian Rue. I will first talk about how I prepared the DMT/Rue and then get into the details of the trip in the order which they happened. I also will note that I have quite some experience with LSD in the past, mushrooms, MDMA and more recently have I become well versed with vaporized DMT. My interest in pharmahuasca is primarily lead by a desire to experience these things in a more healthy way. The DMT I am vaping is quite harsh, and over the last year or so I have smoked a lot of it, perhaps between 2-3 grams. I used lazy man's tek and didn't do a water wash, something I plan on doing in the future, along with taking a more detailed and sophisticated measure to make sure the final product is super clean. I always use a yocan orbit and it's the best device ever created, I swear by it. Anyways, I've had some issues with my lungs and it's clear to me that I've been using it too much, and possibly that my product is somewhat impure, and that longer breaks and more physical activity is needed to maintain a healthier lifestyle, regardless I still want to pursue the healing path which is clearly why I have taken up an interest with Pharmahuasca.

Over the last year or so I have become comfortable with DMT, not so much as to just blastoff off of one or two hits but by gradually getting higher and higher until I can basically just walk through the door at my pleasure. Sprinkled in there are some experiences with vaporhuasca, which I note to be pretty profound and somewhat, and I say that lightly, somewhat similar to pharmahuasca but there definitely are some distinct differences. Regardless of the ROA, I have noted, participated in, and experienced many healing, shamanic, spiritual and enlightening experiences with DMT (with/without an MAOI).

I'll briefly talk about how I prepare the rue and then on to the experience.

I talked with some different folks on reddit and got a really good recipe for making rue tea and I haven't really had any issues with sickness or nausea at all with rue that I've prepared aside from noticing slight discomfort once or twice due to poor dietary decisions or too large of a dose. (One time had like 3 grams one day and 5 grams the next, had some lingering effects that were slightly drunkening)

Here's how I prepare the seeds. Would highly recommend.

I have a large bag of seeds, I take out a large unweighted amount of seeds and roast/bake them in the oven until I start to hear them pop. I don't let them stay in too much longer after I first begin to hear them pop, I just do this so that most of them have popped, but that they don't burn. Not super crucial, don't keep them in there too long or too short. Just bake them, hear them pop, wait a little bit, and take them out, simple.

I then just weight out 3-5 grams and boil them in some water for about 15 minutes, I drain and save the water, keeping the same seeds, and boil the same seeds again with new water for 15 minutes more. Note you don't have to have them on a complete boil, they can simmer and that would be enough. You can do this a third time with new water, same seeds, but you get most of what you want on the first two times. I just find annoying having to drink so much water, I like to cover the seeds completely so that all of it gets simmered, which requires lots of water. If you can get them submerged via whatever method, boil them 3 times with the least amount of water possible. I feel this may make it stronger. Then drink up.

Now to the experience.

I weighted out 3.5 grams of seeds and boiled them 2 times, they were already roasted. I had two large glasses of rue tea, ended up drinking one of them after having eaten a very large meal. Began immediately to notice discomfort in my stomach as I hadn't eaten much of anything the past two days. I was super full and there really just wasn't room for the tea, not to mention the interaction with the actual food I ate also probably interfered to some degree, luckily rue is pretty forgiving and you can usually get past this type of stuff with the right mindset. I did make a mental note however not to consume rue again after eating large meals, just to be safe.

I didn't end up drinking the second glass, as I was just too uncomfortable with my stomach, and I just ended up laying in discomfort and meditating for a bit, which I probably needed to do anyways.

I had already prepared a pill of DMT. I weighted it out at around .04 grams or 40 milligrams. I couldn't be exact because my scale wasn't perfect, but I knew it wasn't much over .045 grams.
I tested the weight multiple different times and knew it was somewhere between 20 and 40 milligrams, which I was okay with. As for me personally I know that I have a bit of a big head and that it can take quite a lot sometimes to take me down, or to rouse me so to speak. Also, I knew that I had only drunk 1 of the two glasses of rue tea, which I estimate to be between 1.5-2.25 grams of seeds, though obviously it is hard to be exact, so it could be slightly higher or lower.

I did have a pill of the DMT with multiple little clumps of crystals, I ended up removing some of the smaller ones once I had made my mind up to take it. I was quite uncomfortable and knew that at some point after drinking the rue that I would be in for a bad time if I had ended up ingesting the DMT right then. I just waited a bit and just relaxed and then became ready to take it. I took out the smaller crystals, which I later just put in my mouth lol, but I suggest that I ended up taking in a pill somewhere between 17mg and 25mg of DMT.

I had the yocan orbit on standby, wasn't planning on using it as I wanted to be more caring of my body, but ended up grabbing it and loading it up with anywhere between 15-22 mg of dmt, not weighted but I just kinda figure that much. I've used a lot of dmt at this point and pretty much know what level of experience I will get in regards to highness and how much I load my pen up with, on and off of MAOIs.

So once I ended up taking the pill and waiting a bit, I notice the effects slowly and lightly coming on. I had the pen loaded up and hit it. I just was wanting more and more because it felt so good and I hit it multiple times. I ejaculated, as I usually do, per my own arousal, because that's what I enjoy doing with DMT and the experience really set in, as it usually does.

I was immediately transported to this medical hall of sorts, note I had a crazy wild overlay on top of my normal psychedelic vision, with this large encrypted circle of sorts in the center of my vision with glyphs that surrounded it, or at least that was what I made it to be. I believe however that that circle on my vision is what most refer to as tracers and the rue effect or something like that, a simple characteristic of having drunk the rue. In the med hall there were like 2-3 rooms on either side, i immediately went to the second room on the left and was basically immediately greeted by a large head/spirit of a woman, who I suppose to be my beloved.

I basically just went in there and she gave me everything I was needing xD she loved me up real good and dapped me up and I just remember my soul/self being rather please with what was going on in there, I suggest this by the ahh's and ooo's of satisfaction coming from my self.

Then I was out of there, and the experience took an unfavorable turn of discipline/teaching.

I was basically transported back to this menu/hub out of the med area where "Ms. Jenny" this sex doctor of sorts was surrounding my entire vision/experience with all of her maggots. Basically the lesson was get in and get out, sex and 'the sexual' is great and all but don't linger too long in those emotions/thoughts. Use it and enjoy it, but it is a mean to an end, use it to get that power to go deeper in the trip but 'Ms. Jenny' only has so much to teach, take the lesson and move on with the trip, which I did.

I sat in the discomfort of Jenny and her many maggots which were all over my screen and just waited. I waited a bit and then smoked some more DMT. This time I was catapulted to the center of my heart, where I literally observed my spiritual/emotional heart and all of its inner-workings. I noticed time in my heart, I noticed a vault of sadness and sorrow that I could explore and heal as I wished. Almost like a vault that I could pick and choose what to heal and go into, taking lessons on my own desire and only biting off as much as I could chew. I was so very intrigued by all of this, I learned many things and was fascinated by all of the experience and what it had to offer. Oddly enough this was about me and my own self and who "I" am. Which is odd because I usually engage in a more shamanic and selfless way, catering to the needs of the experience and not my self, though I have done lots of work thus far in my years, there is always more to be done in regards to working on one's self.

I basically was just observing all of this different facets of self, lost and catering to the needs of my wonder and all of the sudden I was just kind of taken very far out by the experience I just remember having feelings of being lost and so just dazed and really misplaced by the experience. It was like I was just there in tune with every little detail of the healing and inner parts of my heart/self and then I was just thrusted in and out and all of the sudden these healing entities were bringing me, as my vision of this psychedelic self realm was zooming out, these entities brought me an aspect of my self. It was a lost child self of mine who was wounded or hurt in some manner, though I don't know how or why. I don't really even know if it was from this lifetime or not, but I just struggled for a second to get my bearings on it because I was just so in awe and wonder of everything that was happening, and at first found it hard to be responsible for a child in another realm xD anyways I calmed him down and loved him and rubbed my chest a bit and reincorporated this lost/hurt part of myself and that was that.

I just kept exploring this area and I remember placing my thought on many different things and ideas. I remember seeing my heart and being fascinated with the idea of helping people. Like thinking, "I can help people." And for some reason that idea, that I could feel pretty well at this point, being that my heart was wide open. Also don't let me forget to say this, that I literally had an open heart during all of this, I mean I literally was feeling pure contentment and happiness during most of all of this trip, just happiness and pure wander, great feelings the whole time.

Yeah so that idea was interesting about helping people and i'm going to try and do that more. Next I basically had my whole skull replaced. These entities and workers were literally like operating a crane in a big shop or something and quite literally dropped in a new skull for me, crazy enough. Like I was just sitting there watching them and being part of the experience of them hanging, by method of dropping down from the sky, this new like steel head or bronze skull of sorts. Like that is just hard to say/imagine because usually when you're like flying in a tank or something or hanging a large structure with cranes/pulleys they are different things/parts but this quite literally was my new skull being put into my being. Weird but hey I was super stoked to be having some renovations done, always love a good upgrade right?

I also remember thinking to myself in this heart dome of my self that I was, at that moment, completely content, I literally thought to myself that I did not need anything, I mean in life or in physicality or in a spiritual way. I was completely content and fine, I did not need anything at all. I kept exploring new thought of all different sorts and just looking back on my past previous days trying to see what was different about it to compare who I newly was to my past self, trying to find things not to do and ways which I wasn't being my best self. I was mostly proud of myself however and my attempts to do better, so it was all good.

That's all I really have for ya though, I mean I have had comparable experiences with vaporhuasca where it was pretty profound and healing, never this much, but this wasn't really even that that deep, but maybe I have just become more acquainted with this area of experience recently, though I am sure you can go much much deeper.

This was an experience with what I estimated to be about ~1.75 grams of rue seeds made in to tea with 20 milligrams of orally taken DMT about 35 minutes after and several good puffs of vaporized DMT that weighted in total probably 20 milligrams or less.

Cheers and happy healign
I had the pen loaded up and hit it. I just was wanting more and more because it felt so good and I hit it multiple times. I ejaculated, as I usually do, per my own arousal, because that's what I enjoy doing with DMT and the experience really set in, as it usually does.

Wait... what?

Is this like a sex magic thing? Or just a hedonistic thing? What do you do with... everything... after you're done with the physical and are vaulted into hyperspace?

I have so many questions about this...
Wait... what?

Is this like a sex magic thing? Or just a hedonistic thing? What do you do with... everything... after you're done with the physical and are vaulted into hyperspace?

I have so many questions about this...
I mean I wouldn't necessarily say sex magic but it's just what I do. I find DMT to be extremely sexual and when you're out there everything is just super awesome and magical. I love watching a man love a woman and better yet a woman just loving a man. I encourage you to go out there and find something interesting to watch and load up some rad amounts of DMT and just watch and be blown away. You enter into an alien kingdom of love where cartoons of shape and color and intermingled and mixed with magical love on all sorts of levels never imagined. The best things all together and it's just this cartoon of love and color man, just love and color. So yeah, I enjoy myself and then once the magic goes boom I zoom and zoom to hyperspace and beyond.
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