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2 jars

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hi , swim is wating to do a stb extration on mhrb wim is wating for the root bark and has some questions would pickle jar hold to lye and dont break??? i want to do nomans tek 100gr lye , 100 mhrb ,100 ml naphta and 1500 ml of water can i separate the 100gr of mhrb so i can use to 2 jars of this pikles jars 50 gr and 50gr of mhrb and to 2 noman tek for splitting the ratio
in have then putting all the naphta together in a glass baking dish ???
i cant find a jar that is big enough for the ml of water and all so i want to use 2 jars the same tek to use in the jars and my idea is to join the resulting naphta that i will get to put it to the freezer i was wondering if i can do this to join the naphta of the 2 jars sorry for my english
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