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A British newbie, on his path to hyperspace.

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I am from the United Kingdom, and have been an avid reader of the DMT-Nexus forums for quite some time. And have been impressed, enthralled, and inspired by many a post within these pages, as a guest. Today I joined, I felt compelled to, I felt I had to join today, today is my day to join this forum.

I am very experienced with LSD and mushrooms (how many of us brits are out mushy picking at this time of year? there’s a lot of wet knee’s on early morning trecks in this part of the world, at this time of year) both wild British Liberty Caps, and of course many other strains.

I used to be a weed smoker, but our relationship ended about 3 years ago, it’s sad, but these things happen and it’s best for both of us. I then spent a few years "enjoying" cocaine (I know :? ). Needless to say me and Charlie parted ways too. I used to love poppin’ E’s in the 90’s, but I haven’t had a good pill in years, so that’s out the window now. Don’t really like Ketamine, though I don’t dislike it, it can be fun at home alone with this crazy stuff.

I first found out about DMT from a friend of mine, and wondered why I hadn’t heard of this before. As he explained to me about this drug I was gobsmacked by what he was telling me. Though I took it with a pinch of salt, because he gets things wrong sometimes (bless his cotton socks). So I did my own research and have been doing so ever since, and was eternally grateful to my friend, (who didn’t get anything wrong, in fact I now get the idea that it’s infinitely more mind-blowing than even he had hyped it up to be). Now I’m on the slow winding path to hyperspace, taking my time, skipping along, not in any rush. I will reach hyperspace at the end of this path, I know I will, when the time is right, so I’m happy knowing that I’m on my way.

I have cross-referenced and sourced all the information, equipment, and consumables I need for an extraction, which I shall go into in further posts, as well as my results, and journeys resulting therein. But for now I am ambling happily along the slow winding road to hyperspace, enjoying the view along the way. Thank you one and all, It’s a pleasure and an honour to be in your company.

Good to have you aboard :)

and yes... 'tis a hobby to take you to heaven :) I enjoy it every step of the way. It's fun with science and enlightenment through nature.

Btw.. I've been on the lookout for caps all week. No luck so far but I won't stop looking until at least later this month. A very strabge shroom they are :)
It's nice to be onboard, truly nice.

Yes it's a very subtle but definite pull I'm feeling towards hyperspace. There's been little things along the way, although small, have further spurred on my journey. Little things like wanting to clear up certain queries, or gain certain information, then it was there for me. I had a cool conversation on the phone yesterday, with some cool old hippy dude in South London, while sourcing MHRB, it was a quick conversation, but his words and ways filled me with warmth, which further enriched my journey.

I'm going out for my first shroom pick of this year next week, I know a great field, always come back with hundreds of shrooms. Nothing fills me with greater pleasure than getting an early morning in the duey british countryside, getting wet knees, filling a bag (or jam jars) with good old british shrooms. What a funny little trip they are, on our doorstep too. There's many incredible strains of mushrooms which I get alot of joy and insight from, but I'll always have a soft spot for the british liberty cap.

Thank you for welcoming me, thank you for posting. I must say, I've observed this forum from the outside for quite some time, it's really nice to be here, I love this place. Peace to you my friend soulfood, and keep smiling.

Thank you immensely Jorkest, I really and truly, from deep rooted down inside myself, absolutely know I've found the right place.

Even first discovering DMT-Nexus itself. I found this place after an obscure google search for water PH levels within a polar wash, and through such, found the Nexus.

I'm am so happy to be here. Everything is right about this place, and I shall look forward to many posts and discussions over the years.

Hello mate :d

Great to see you here! Please do share all that you find along the way whether good or bad. All that I know has been gained at least in part through the mistakes and successes of others which they have freely shared here.
Thank you endlessness, and thank you smokeydaze; for your welcome. It's kindly accepted with many sincere thanks.

Thank you transitory. Whatever I encounter along the way will be greatly enriched by sharing within the nexus. Whatever I experience on my own, whether good or bad, can only be improved, helped by, or help others within the nexus. What is a lesson or a fantastic journey, if I cannot share with others. I know that there is no greater place to share my experiences; than within these pages. I also have much to learn, both on my own from spice, and from nexus members, and whoever or whatever else I encounter along the way. Speaking of which, I must take this time to mention that I read your post entitled "My Paranoid, Psychotic Near Death Experience" last night, and I gained alot from it, thank you.

And thank you ۩. Good point, well made. Then I shall return with both knees leading the way, while no longer wet behind the ears.

Welcome Macre :)

I've not found a single shroom yet as its been very dry where i am! Still, looking at the weather that may change soon. I love the humble lib cap and find them very nice still :d

Good luck in your mission to try the sacred spice. Nothing really comes close...a life changing experience imho

Hello thepureskunk, and thank you for your welcome. May I first mention your avatar, a very familiar face indeed (number 6 is it not? I thought 8 at first, but that's the same in red if memory serves, I'll have to dig out my tape packs and flyers).

Yes I've been keeping my fingers crossed for a weather change, luckily it's been chucking it down all day where I am, so it's been a happy day for myself.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to the spice, to see what it beholds for me. I know I'm just at the very beginning of a long journey of discovery, which is extremely exciting indeed for me. I thought I had experineced all I had to experience, but that was a very wrong assumption, and I'm so glad it was.

*toast to new beginnnings*

Welcome Macre.
And good luck with your shroom hunting :)

I already picked enough shrooms this fall. 85gr. dry Lib Cap. I never count shrooms but if you say average 25 in a gram then that's well over 2000 :D This year they're potent and 1.5 grams is a strong trip :)
Well I'm off for a good trip,
Later :)
Thank you for your welcome DMTripper. Wow, sounds like you've had a successful season. I'm hoping to stock up abundantly like yourself. Always fills me with a great sense of achievment.

And thank you my friend Aegle for your welcome. I couldn't agree more, there are few finer things in life than a fresh early morning mushroom picking. Of course needless to say at the end of it you have a nice batch of fresh, wild psychedelics. But it certainly brings you closer to nature profoundly. Which is something I know for definite you appreciate.

Much peace and happiness,


No worries my friend, indeed a nice fresh batch of wild mushies is a treasure to be had for sure. The environment and nature are everything to me, I'm actually applying to do my Diploma in nature conservation. :b

Much Peace and Happiness

Aegle said:
I'm actually applying to do my Diploma in nature conservation. :b

Wow, I wish you all the best with that. I know you'll do really well, it's a strong passion you have. In fact it's probably the most perfect thing you could do.

Much peace and happiness,

Thank you for your kind welcome ohayoco. I'm looking forward to my extraction tremendously, not just because of hopefully achieving the desired outcome, but also the process itself.

I've sourced everything I need, alot of it locally, which has numerous advantages. But I've also learnt of alternatives (methods and comsumables) from nexus members, so I can experiment with further extractions at a further date. Everything will of course be posted.

In just a short time being a member of the nexus, I've learnt more valuable tips and information to add to my research, which has been extremely helpful to say the least. I have recieved such a warm welcome in just a few short days, which is extremely gratifying.

Peace to you,


Thank you very much for the kind words of encouragement, Indeed its my greatest passion in my life. I know that its definitely what i need to dedicate my life to. Its never easy though to pursue what you really want in life but all the effort and dedication no matter what is worth it to make your dreams come true, its never a good thing to let your dreams be dreams. What is your dream Macre?

Much Peace and Understanding
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