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A Name for the Rue Concoction

to me rue is soma..
I ate rue xtals for the first time a few days ago, sort of an unexpected trip..licking them off my fingers in an unknown ammount..not alot, just wanted it off my fingers..didnt look like much but it started to hit me hard and it was really really nice..I lay there thinking that I would be surprised if this wasnt the soma..sure seems a damn good candidate..
I'm rockin' ruemosa, harmalosa and juruema. The only problem I can see with juruema is the uninitiated mistaking it for a mispelling. I do like that those names all put mimosa of equal importance to rue.

I'm not sure about "glow" or anything derived therefrom... I don't think of rue as a particularly "glowy" plant, most thing have more glow. The phrase "mental violence" seems a touch more typical.
I like all of them. Especially mimosaroo because it ryhmes with kangaroo and lots of acacias grow in Oz. Friends tend to just refer to it as "The Elixir".

Also, how is haoma pronounced?
Other name of Esphand in north africa is also Harmel :

Harmosa ...:cry:
Jurmel :?: :!:
Mimel :roll:
Harema :oops:

Also the word "Peganum" could be combined in some way:
Pegaya :shock:
Any name for this combo should not have the words "aya" or "huasca" because it is very different from ayahuasca, and deserves a unique name. Huasca means vine and mimosa is a rootbark and rue is a bush...
How about making a poll so we can vote on it?
fractal enchantment said:
pegaya makes no sense..since aya means vine, or rope..rue is neither.

wikipedia says aya means spirit, in quechua

other names of syrian rue:
Sambra,Harmal, Harmel, Isband,Ozallaik,Peganum,[Y]üzerlik, Luotuo-peng

Update: mejennena,bêsa, besasa, gandhya
huasca means spirit..or soul..aya means rope of vine..hence ayahuasca meaning "vine or rope of souls"..or "rope of the dead"..

..and yeah..not the point..point is that rue has nothing to do with south american cultures of the andes..it has its own cultural context..where it was haomo, esfand, soma(most likely) etc..why do people feel the need to attach words associated with caapi to rue to make it somehow more valid?..

Maybe Im just being rediculous..but I come from an academic background is anthropology and feel that it is important to preserve certain cultural refernce points..out of respect if nothing else..I dont want traditional dogma as a part of anything I do..but still as a language dies so does all that knowledge that is incoded with it..

with all due respect fractal enchantment, what's the deal with all your grammatical errors? You come from an academic background and you can't write properly? Or maybe you are intoxicated all the time and have a hard time typing? I don't know. I find it odd (you being Canadian and all). I am not saying it's something really important... just curious.

Anyway, ruemosa seems nice.
lol..:roll: ..what does me being canadian have to do with any of this?..maybe canadians somehow never type the wrong letter?..I dunno there bud..maybe get over yourself a bit and calm down..noone is publishing articles or writing term papers here..
I said the Canadian thing because I suppose it's not that difficult to write in English if you are living there or were born there. If you were French or Italian I would understand better the errors... that is why I asked you. I get that this is a forum, etc... maybe you type really fast and don't care about the details, etc. I get that :) For a minute I thought your writing style was some kind of counter-cultural fashion statement, etc. I guess not?

When I am intoxicated I cannot write properly in Spanish hehe. Sorry if my post was rude or something like that. I swear to you I asked the questions for real curiosity, not to create friction or anything like that. Be well.
nono I just type fast and my laptop is really annoying to type on and I seem to hit other buttons that delete words after i type them..often I post quickly then go away so dont read my post over.
How about Ayaruemosa? It still contains the aya/spirit portion of the word, which has come to be associated with these psychoactive plant cocktails, and suggests that one is consuming the spirit of the plants named within. The name also address both the rue, and the miomsa. And the name has a nice ring to it, I think. Ayaruemosa is the best candidate in my opinion. Hamalosa is pretty good as well, however, no one will mistake wha ayaruemosa is. It's all three words in one, with only one extra syllable than ayahuasca.
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