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A Possible SHE for March 9, 2011

I began last night with 7 gms of mushrooms, followed a couple hours later with caapi and 150mgs DMT. The journey was focused on creation, without me having read the above until this morning (I'm east coast US), it was just the way the trip worked itself out. INTENSE CREATION. I am now at work on my greatest piece of art thus far, a single page comic that i will pass out free like a mad street prophet, and employ wheat pasting and what have you. Give, give, give.

I encourage all my brothers and sisters out there to join us in creation. It can be simple (maybe should be simple); a homemade meal, start a journal or restart if you haven't kept up; sing a song, draw, paint, take pictures, play music, work in the garden, build a house or fix someone's plumbing. Create lasting bonds with your friends; forgive past friends or family that have been estranged--forgive them and, more importantly, forgive yourself.

Today is a new day and we all have the power to let go of childish things, and yet remain childlike.

My prayers go out, its not just japan that the tsunami is effecting but there has been deaths in japan.

edit- 29 people as of now.
Lets keep our blessings high for all the people being effected by this horrible tragedy.

SHE- I began at around 1-2 a.m on the 9th with DMTx10xcaapi! Amazing experiences, synchronism and development were my set, and setting. :) I hope to have another SHE soon, maybe another one should already be planned(maybe during the weekend this time ;D)

Much love & Sincerity,
Perceptual Reality
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