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About terminology conflicts

vovin said:
IMHO terminology is useless if one cannot intuitively discern what it means from the name. So comming up with groovy names for things sounds cool but it makes something that is complicated more complicated. Realize that you may have absolutely no trouble keeping up with what means what. You have been around for awhile but for a greenhorn that has just stepped into this world it's hard enough as it is to get a basic education on what is done here further complicating it works counter to the fundamental reason why this forum exists, to teach. read the newbie section. They ask questions and think in basic terminology rarely if ever do they use the funky new words being invented.

I could have said it better my self in fact, I have said the same several times.
Things that are already recognized by proper chemical names for chems and Latin manes for plants should not be renamed by anyone.
They have been properly described with scientific names any one can understand. If the names are not cool and pleasing to you sorry.
DMT slango degrades the creditability of this board and disrespects the REAL aspects of the molecule. Its teeny bopper and impossible for a intelligent person to recognize with out learning slang......I dont learn slag from boppers I call things by there real names...The real names that identify things properly.

"A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet."
William Shakespeare

Peace Friends
Jimjam is a well established term for fullrange jurema spice.

Can you extract the meaning of "why" just from looking at the word? New stuff, new words....it makes sense to me.

But I'm all against renaming bufotenine because it sounds "ugly".
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