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Acacia , acidic water , tobacco

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Make acacia hair rinse ( u know water vinegar, ACRB powder, 3-4 cooks etc)

Reduce it down to under 1/8 cup . Then grab loose tobacco let in soak and absorb it.

Dry it in microwave using low intervals of 22 seconds to 44 seconds, until it is dry.

once dry roll it with a dutch master, cigarette paper or tube.

smoke it .

If aya is an 11

cigarettes is a 1

this results in maybe a 3 or 4 .

Mentholated tobaco was used and menthol tubes , so some of the oral numbness that resembled those soar throat sprays, could be the result of the menthol.

but this was no placebo.

visuals were ok nothing on Aya level. but This defo was something beyond a cigarette .

Defo gives the feeling of endogenous pure energy vs taking a cup of coffee.

i would advise against operating heavy machinery but doing basic thing around the house should be fine. it wont give u the urge to wanna shavansana/corpse pose for 3-4 hrs.
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