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Acacia Confusa trunk bark first extraction

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After two successful MHRB extractions, I felt confident enough to do my first Acacia Confusa trunk bark extraction. The reasons I am interested in this extraction from acacia trunk bark are:

1) I feel it is more sustainable than using acacia or mimosa root bark.

2) I am trying to replicate my first vaporised dmt experiences, which, after NMR analysis of the substance purchased from unknown source, worked out to be DMT+NMT. Acacia Confusa is a known good option to get this combo.

The tek I followed was vaguely inspired in Cyb's hybrid salt tek, but I did my own steps, which resulted in a couple of errors that fortunately I could fix:

-I cooked the grinded trunk bark (100 gr.) 4 times in ph3 water (using citric acid).

-Then filtered and salted as indicated in Cyb's tek.

-Then basified using sodium carbonate in order of using safe products only, but this was my first error: despite using LOTS of carbonate, I could not rise the ph higher than 10-11, so I got a lot of emulsions that never broke in the first pull. I had to add some lye to rise ph to 13-14 and things worked better then.

-My second error was to work with a lot of basified liquids in the pulls. I was following an adaptation of Cyb's tek for 100 gr. ACRB, so my final basified liquid was like 1600 ml. and that was too much for the magnetic stirrer I was using for mixing in the pulls (no vortex was formed, so it was mixing bad). So, I divided the basic liquid in two containers and pulled it separately.

-Then, once the problems were fixed, I did the pulls with limonene (4 pulls in each of the two containers), collected all the limonene together, warmed and filtered it with activated charcoal to eliminate some fats (I'm not sure if it worked), and finally extracted the alkaloids with FASW.
The result is 2.250 gr. of this beautiful and sticky caramel:


(very sticky compared to previous MHRB extractions)
The yield is 2.25%, but I know this is a mix of fumarate alkaloids plus excess of fumaric acid, fats, etc...
So, I am not sure where to go from here. My aim is to get rid of the fats and other impurities, but keeping the full spectrum alkaloids, DMT+NMT at least.

So please, let me know if these next planned steps are right:

1) Clean the excess of fumaric acid by dissolving the goo in 22.5 ml. distilled water and filtering. Then evaporate the filtered liquid to get the cleaner product (likely alkaloid fumarates).

2) Basing with sodium carbonate.

3) This is where I am not sure what to do: I could do one of these:
-simply clean the excess of sodium carbonate with distilled water and keep the rest as final freebases
-...or pull the freebases with acetone
-...or do an heptane recrystallization

What would be the best option to obtain the cleaner freebases without destroying NMT and maybe other interesting alkaloids?

Also, I have some more active charcoal that could be useful to eliminate more fats, but I am not sure when to use it, or if it is really necessary.
Well, since there was no answer, finally I chose my own path.
In the first place, it was a pleasant surprise when after 48 hours, the fumarates solidified a lot more and lost its stickiness. It was not as fast as with MHRB extraction, but the final result was equally easy to grind to podwer. This is the result after grinding and washing excess of fumaric:


I am in the process of converting it to freebase now. I will try the three acetone pulls, since I want to try diferent paths in order of finding the best freebasing tek.
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