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Acacia 'goo' gets more potent with time?

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An evap dish which had been pretty well scraped (or so I thought) and as much 'goo' as possible from an Acacia extraction had been removed from it. This was about 3 weeks ago. I went out in the garage to do something and saw the dish still on the shelf. Only now, the bottom of the dish was covered in a thin layer of crystalized material. And quite a bit of it. Apparently, if the goo is left to its own devices for long enough, it will eventually crystallize. It wasn't perfect white fluffy crystals by any means, but it was easy to scrape up 50mg or so and load it in the pipe. Definitely easier than handling the goo. But the really interesting part is that the drier substance seemed a lot more potent.

One big hit of the crystalized stuff was plenty enough to break through. And quick. I barely had time to lay the pipe down before the big rush/numbness/paralysis type feeling set in. Absolutely no chance of getting a second hit. I have broken through before but this time was different. The door in the wild kaleidoscope opened up much quicker this time, and I was thrust into a place that completely defies description. There was so much going on that it was like sensory overload, and I couldn't take very much of it in. All sorts of living moving 'objects' of all shapes and sizes were moving everywhere. Even the air seemed like it was alive. And the sounds alone were beyond anything I could imagine. The whole trip was just more pleasant overall. It lasted for what seemed like a long time, and once it finally did start to fade, I found myself fighting the comedown, as silly as that sounds.

I can only attribute the different experience to the difference in the substance. Everything else was the same. Some dose, same pipe, same everything.
b1blazin said:
wonderin if there is a way to test the amounts or if it was somehow enhanced?
The dose was between 46mg and 54mg. I have a good accurate scale, but the resolution is only .01g. But, that is the same dose as always. I suppose there could be some moisture in the goo that might account for some of its weight.
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