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Acacia Nilotica Extraction

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Hey you guys. Feels good to be part of the Nexus. Been interested in dmt for a while now. So After doing whatever research i can, i have finally decided to do an extraction on Acacia Nilotica Leaves.

Was wondering if you guys could help me out with the best extraction process. I have carried out A/B extractions on the phalaris grass but the yield was minimal - yellow goeey stuff. Upon smoking had some mild nausea - so it could have been anything.

Anyway, Could use some help with the yield for Acacia Nilotica and a preferred method of extraction in case of leaves - if any.

Cheers you guys!
Hey Thanks bro. That's def. a booster knowing a.notilica extract works.

I d really appreciate it if you could share the specific TEK since there are couple of em out there. I also have some a.notilica root bark which i dug out my self. Quiet a messy but an equally rewarding job. So i am thinking if i should mix the leaves and the bark powder - that should increase yields and the rest of the process could be quiet similar for both of the materials.
dont mix leaves and bark - for 2 reasons
firstly - it doesnt help the community - best to know which works
and leaves muck things up as they have chlorophyll etc.

use the bark and grind it fine - u can go stb - xylene pulls - fasa salting or dlimo pulls fasi salting - maybe even fasw or vinegar salting for total yeild - incl n-oxides
then freebase - and re-x
Eh man. So I think i'll do a Q21Q21's TEK. STB - XYlene or Naptha Pulls - Acid Wash and Evap! Hope it works. Will keep you posted after the journey.

SOrry bro i am still a n00b when it comes to DMT. This will be my third attempt. I have done 2 unsuccessful extractions but always used Naphtha Lighter Fluid resulting in yellow goo.
I d appreciate a simpler TEK one that is readable. Else i'll be botherin you a lot wid clarifications on yer tek. :)
what u mean - my tek is stb - simple - and its a full photo tutorial - even with a small video at one point - i find it much harder to make like - idk a cake.
oh i downloaded the file and it just had pictures and a video. The pictures be helpful if i knew what was actually going on in em. I don't see any text in the dmtek.zip file.
error in the previous post, got it!

Ah dude, nicely written.Real easy to follow. I'll be getting my supplies today. Will report soon how it went.

Thankx again mate!
Eh man, I haven't been able to get any furmuric acid or acetone. So i am pretty much left with the xylene pulls. Should i just go ahead and do the vinegar salting and then evap. Any suggestions on the evap process?
u can go the vinegar route - but ur gona have to clean up more later
use small amounts of vinegar - 3 saltings and evap that - should be fast if u have a fan on it.
So last night, i made 3 vinegar pulls for salting. I put it on a double boiler and waited. Next thing i know, since i dozed off for 2 hours, i woke up to a tray with slightly yellowish brownish redish dry salt like stuff on the tray. I scraped it off and tried smoking it. It just turned into coal like thing.
Phlux, How's the leave extraction comin?
So i made another small pull out of the original compost with xyelene - did couple of small vinegar pulls and then evap. until thick yellowy Goo. I made a small tincture of 5 drops and evap. the vinegar. What I am suppose to do now ? :S
Happy to report that great progress has been made. Followed the DMTEK on MHRB and A.Notilca with yellow jungle crystals. I will be posting the pics here soon.
Hey, been a while since i've last been here. Thanks for writing :)

A. Nolitica was only the begging to an unfathomable journey, however I'd recommend MHRB due to it's higher yields. I also had to grind A.N. and without accurate measuring devices i'd safely assume A.N. yield's to be at least 50% < MHRB's
The stuff's still good and if done correctly gives the intended benefits :)

I went the FASA route and DMTEK covers the whole process real well.
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