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Anonomous UK source for toluene?

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Check out 'dunlop' or 'Alpha'(new name for dunlop) t559 or t560 thinners - couldn't fine a price for it but a company called SBA sell it along with a few others. Swim knows a place to get Xylene at around £12-15 for 5 litre if that's any more use to you?
Yes please, he'd be happy to hear about xylene if he can't get toluene from a shop. It's more the keeping his anonymity by not buying online that he's concerned with. He heard Xylene was really stinky which is why he'd prefer toluene, but beggars can't be choosers :)
I think I read toluene was the less smelly one somewhere on this site but could be mistaken... I expect they're both pretty stinky...

My foaf's water/lye/hostilis potion has been sitting in a china mixing bowl for 2 weeks now (pulled with Bartoline then Swan), bit concerned about it eating away at the bowl's glazing while it sits there waiting for jungle spice pulling :/
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