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any luck with coleus??

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not really i have tried smoking a family head of it. but with me being a nonsmoker it wasnt that much of a success. i still have about 1kg of leaves tho. i will try and make extracts of it with different solvents. the first i want to try is acetone and ethanol.
Ya i was wondering about an extract, not sure about the whole fresh leaves only work thing, didnt seem to ring true for salvia so...
I would be fascinated if anyone has had substantial results with Coleus, Ive eaten the leaves once with not much results. I think that Coleus blumei can be useful, the key is to find and make sure you have the correct plant, there is so much history with this plant it cant have little or no effects. Melatonin is predominantly produced when you are sleeping, so maybe Coleus blumei has a link with dreaming states? Anyone have any thoughts?

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Chewing the fresh leaves like a GIANT quid of Salvia is the only means through which I have been able to obtain effects. Only an opening of the head space was observed, though it was most certainly pronounced enough to warrant attention, it was not intense enough to make ignoring it impossible. After many MANY trials with Coleus Blumei grown under many many conditions, I must say I think it unlikely that any greater result be achieved without extraction.

It was a vague, slightly cloudy, but not clouded feeling... If that makes any sense.... Slight Euphoria, Slightly different appearance to things. Kindof floaty.
species you are looking for are
Solenostemon scutellarioides(was Coleus blumei before they changed the Family it was under)
afaik, they only remain active while FRESH(people have tried both dry material and extractions on dry material with no effect).
Very little in known, no active alkaloid has even been isolated! Good luck though, hope I helped.
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