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April 22 SHE for mescaline

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On April the 22nd 2016, earth day, a special SHE will be held for all who are participating with mescaline.

00:58:11 ‹dreamer042›kikker should let us have a mescaline SHE soon
00:58:11 ‹Kikker›Yes

If you feel you want to join us for this, please let us know in this thread. The more souls the more special that day will be.

Kind regards,

The Traveler

p.s. Like any other SHE, the day when this happens you can all join us in the DMT-Nexus chat.
😉 is this one of your late April Fool's jokes trav :?:
:? But if not im down i will synchronize with you guys :)
I wish i had some mescaline and could join the event, never tried it.
I have some seedlings of San Pedro growing tho, hope they will grow into strong and healthy cacti:d

But until now
Enjoy the event folks, with harmony and happiness:love:

Best regards


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I have 3 dried and long dead lophophora williamsii buttons, they are 1.5cm in diameter and all have about 1.5 inch carrot like roots.

I have several live specimens (picture attached), but I'm not willing to kill them.

I also have several T. Pachanoi cacti, I would be more willing to take a sample off of one of my sand Pedro cacti to try to get the mescaline dose to a reasonable amount, but was curious:

If I inhibit my mono amine oxidase via peganum harmala seeds, would the 3 small buttons be sufficient to produce psychedelia?

(I'm aware of potential risks involving phenethylamine and alpha-methyl-phenethylamine combination with mono-amine oxidase inhibitors, though in the case of 3,4,5-trimethoxy-phenethylamine, I believe the combination to be fairly safe.)



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@ EG I'm not sure that harmalas actively potentiate mescaline the way they do with tryptamines, it seems just like moar of a nice synergy ime. In any case, it's lovely and I say go for it. :thumb_up:

To all those who don't have cacti's ready for processing, you can still join the SHE with another medicine. We'll be going for a long, long time, so hop on in with some blotters or mushies or even that old changer pipe. Don't be scurred. 😁
Hmmm... spent 4 days in february harvesting and making tea, which is now in mason jars in my freezer - so I may just join you all. Been too long. :)


I have some mescaline that is wondering when I'm going to open the packet again.

Anyone fill me in on how one of these SHE events works?
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