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Migrated topic.
DeDao said:
Spirit_Seeker said:
obliguhl said:
Personally, i don't get it.
Everytime i hear someone talk in a soft voice i want to punch that person in the face.
It makes me angry if anything.

I know exactly what you mean!!
I wouldn't have given the ecstasy I feel a name until I saw this thread. But it's very particular.
Pure whispers are extremely annoying to me. More than they should be.
But a soft spoken voice from the right person is amazing.

Another trigger for me is certain symphonic chords.
I will browse youtube for hours looking for certain symphonic tracks that trigger ASMR. It may be 1 in a thousand that does it, but as soon as I feel it, that track is immediately downloaded and added to my DMT playlist.

Very interesting. I have heard some people describe ASMR as nails on the chalk board. This was given by a person who seems to experience a cringe due to the stimulus. Then on the other hand you have the people who are soothed by it. And the people who are like ASMR?! Ain't no body got tiem for dat!

I hadn't considered the nails on a chalk board phenomenon. But I suppose even a cringe is a sensory response. I was curious of the definition of "meridian" so I googled it and I really like this one:
(in acupuncture and Chinese medicine) each of a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy is said to flow.

When you consider that a "sad" song can be widely interpreted as sad music even without lyrics, or a good beat will make most people consciously or unconsciously synchronize to the rhythm, I think it seems naive to suggest that ASMR is something that you are diagnosed with over your neighbor who is not. We all experience autonomous sensory meridian response, some stimuli are more significant than others.
Something about ASMR and gives me a really strange familiar feeling or memory of when i embark on DMT journeys as everything is enhanced to the absolute maximum just my lips slowly opening up or usually un-noticeable noises in the mouth or breathing become alive and i get this very strange Deja Vu feeling when i listen to ASMR or think about those moments especially in relation to DMT and Deeper Psychedelic states. like certain clicks, crinkles its hard to explain..

Anyone else get this?

Perhaps this is the experience of time slowing down and sensory input enhancing and more keenly aware of the present moment? I'm not sure but I've certainly seemed to have extremely keen hearing on psychedelics, very minute sounds sound enlarged and detailed.

Thanks for sharing!​
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