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Ayahuasca+morning glory related shaking/ER visit

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I took a tincture made from 500 morning glory with cinnamon oil, which had no effect. I followed this with 3.5g rue, 5g ACRB and 3 drops of valerian oil. I laid down to listen to music, but ended up drifting off before the visions set in (this happens to me a fair bit--I even sleep on acid sometimes).

When I woke up the next day, my whole body was quivering madly and I was nearly unable to walk or even pick up anything. The incapacitation was significant, worse than the time I took DXM on an SSRI (I used to be a reckless kid). I was also plagued by unstoppable vomiting/dryheaving and liters of liquid-y diarrhea. Despite being about 12 hours after dosing, I was still getting some aya-like visuals, including extreme visual sharpness and patterning on things. I took a load of l-tryptophan and l-theanine, as well as some magnesium and had someone drive me to the ER.

They put me on a saline IV and took my blood. They said that the shaking was probably just rigoring (illness related tremors), and that there was little they could do to explain it. I was released a few hours later, but still barely strong enough to stand, and feeling quite dissociated. I am now, 24 hours later, back at baseline.

Never taking that combo again. Perhaps combining LSC (an arbitrary name for the LSA/cinnamandahyde adduct) and an MAOI isn't safe? Who knows.
Thank you for the report lysergicelf, and sorry to hear of your severe physical effects.

I've often wondered about the quality of mixing harmalas and raw morning glory lysergamides... being pretty physically intense already. I think I've read that some people have a very positive reaction to the harmalas, where it functions as a vasodilator for them.

On the other hand, I've also had rather hellish baby woodrose experiences with nothing added, where I felt much the way you describe for about 8 hours after eating them. Listlessness in the extreme, gut discomfort, inability to move essentially.
It's also said that water extracts are preferable since alcohol will pull a wider spectrum of phytochemicals that can cause discomfort. Or at least that was one rationale for the native use of cold water extract.

There's a lot of variability in the experience
Yeah. It's odd, I've used both harmalas and LSA/LSC in isolation with no effects like this, and even tried a combo of peganum harmala and 1.5g morning glory with relatively subdued physical effects. I guess kicking it up to 500 was my mistake... :surprised I was expecting the positive interaction you describe.
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