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Better STB


Rising Star
So I read the Lazymans Tek and saw that he had gotten 1g out of a Lb of rootbark his first pull which is way to little. Try this.
Put 2Kg powdered root bark in bucket,
Add three pounds lye and a gallon of water,
Stir 3 to 5 min the high amount of lye will cause the water to get extremely hot and will pull almost all the alkaloids,
Add 3 litter Naphtha and stir 3 to 5 minutes.
Allow Naphtha layer to separate and pour off into jars and put in freezer overnight.
Expect an Oz of Deems.
NOTES: in case any of the black bark/lye layer get in when pouring off bake epson salt in oven at 400 until changes from crystal to white cake. Smash some of this up and put in the bottom of a jar and pour in contaminated Naphtha and let sit for about 15min it will absorb the lye/root bark, then repour Naphtha through a coffee filter then place in freezer.
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