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Bicycle Day SHE!

I am ready for it:


My precious bike


And my precious Hoffman bicycle day blotters. :)

Kind regards,

The Traveler
Some friends and I are going mountain biking up in the hills near where I live, after which we'll be settling down to a cup full of lemon shroom tea, then onto some ayahuasca and changa. Sadly, no LSD as it's very difficult to find with any sort of purity around here.

It's supposed to be rainy and muddy as hell, should be even more of a blast :D

Happy Bicycle Day Nexus! :d
A computer malfunction at work has me in. Hooray computer malfunctions!! :lol:

Fingers crossed that third times the charm with aya for me.

Happy Bicycle Day, Nexians! :love:
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