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Bigger Crystals

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So my mates getting ready for his 3rd tek using a STB modified nomans tek, he is using bartoline white spirit. He wants to get better crysatals as before they where just small dots on the jar. Every extraction has gone really well he just wants to get some prettty crystals. He freeze precips he hurd its better to put it in the fridge before the freezer, will this help? How long shall he put it in the fridge for? Do you have any other tips to get some nice crystals. Thanks guys :)
If you have a good ratio of DMT:Solvent then crystals should be very well formed after 12 hours in the fridge, then 24hours in the freezer to mop up the remainder.

Was very nicely surprised the day I found that out.

You have to get all the initial dmt and dissolve it using as little solvent as possible, let it cool to room temperature over about 4-6 hours, then put it in the fridge. From this I got solid structures (2) of crystals from 3g's of freebase. I could actually pick them up and drop them and they didn't break up. Very hairy indeed :)
The slower the solution becomes super-saturated the longer time the molecules will have to form large ordered crystals. What these means is that if the solution is rapidly cooled it will rapidly become supersaturated and many small crystals will precipitate out of solution. The best way to minimize super-saturation of the solution is allow it to slowly cool to RT or to keep it at room temperature. This allows the saturated solution to form crystals slowly b/c saturation is slower. Thus slower saturation means more time to form crystals. However make sure the top is covered to prevent evaporation of the solvent if large crystals are desired. It may take a few days to a week depending on several variables. Also a seed crystal should help the formation. This is the best way to get large crystals.
I have found that a 2nd recrystalization (with already clean spice) using a mix of heptane:naphtha 3:1 (I know that it's just making a lighter naphtha but it seems to work) and slowly evaporating, using a lid to control the evaporation rate, can make exremely large crystal clusters. I'll let everything evaporate, every....last...drop of solvent.

These clusters, if handleded carefully, can be used to seed the next recrystalization making massive xtals.

This has worked for me a lot better than fridge-freezer-fridge-freezer...although my fridge gets a lot of vibrations, not good for xtal formation.
well he hasnt tried a recrystalization yet as he only does 50g of rootbark at a time and he doesnt really want to lose yeild. but is the fridge/freezer method best? he just wants some bigger crystals instead of lil tiny ones. cheers 8) and shall we just put it in the fridge for 10-12 hours then freeze for 24 hours?
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