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I'm am in my mid 30's, veteran user of many psychedelics. I joined the nexus because I have only recently learned of DMT and the level of mind travel that is achievable. I am a legal grower in MI and I have lots of experience with THC extractions. I want to go as far into my own mind as I safely can do. So I have been studying up as best I can and hope to join you all in hyperspace soon. I have never recommend anyone do what I do ( hard "trip") , alone for inner journey. But that's my goal and that's why I am here....(edit aded from here)
Since having learned the secrets of spice......I can honestly say I came into this a cocky , idiot. DMT is not like anything else...my XP with LSD,shrooms and all the others have zero in relation with spice. I have a respect for dnt that I couldn't understand until fully experiencing it. I humbly thank you all for pimp slapping me into line when I got lippy or cocky. I hope to be able to be of help to others like Nexus has been to me.
Thank you all for even letting me stay a seedling through all my shenanigans.
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