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Blood Moon SHE 9-27/28 2015 (2:30am UTC)


Rising Star

Full Lunar Eclipse "Blood Moon".

I propose a SHE at 2:30am UTC, right before the maximum eclipse at 2:47am UTC.

I'll be in hyperspace at that time. Hope to see you there!
If i can re-x enough out of my pipe for lift off, will see you there. At the least, we'll be watching the same moon.

EDIT: Perfectly clear skies here! Totality: 8:47 west coast US.

The clouds just rolled in.. the moon comes and goes between spaces in the clouds.. hoping this will all clear up, soon. Clarity shall ensue, regardless. 😉
I shall be joining in on the festivities. The moon keeps coming in and out of cloud cover for me too, but I should be able to get a good look.
There is now a massive bite taken out of the moon - much darker than any lunar eclipse I've seen before! Perigee must mean that the moon is in more complete shadow. Still one hour to totality...

The shadow has a blue edge. This really is incredible!
I overslept and didn't trip before the dentist, but plenty of total eclipses are coming:

cyb said:
Well that was worth getting up for... Amazing!

I'll be 68 the next time that comes around...wonder where I'll be. :)
Nice, I will be 65. I had a perch in the garden for the whole thing with some very fine changa of course. Yay!!
I watched as 2/3 of it was covered and then a heavy blanket of clouds rolled in and blotted it out long enough I got to watch the remaining 1/3 uncover:? , how convenient. Bummer maybe next time.
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