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blue => red?

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A potato was working with spice the other day. All its eyes were shrouded with the blue/white city street 'scene' that is oh so reminiscent of water. However, this time, there was a swirling tear in the 'distance' that was intensely red. Upon seeing this tear, thoughts occurred about it being a realm of angst, fear, and anger. The passersby (entities) said, "that's not going to be pleasant, you really shouldn't worry about that." As per recommendations from other potatoes, Tater heeded the advice of the entities and with a small amount of control allowed the spud to return to observing the entities busying about. Tater's mind was not entirely cleared prior to the journey and anxiety about life in the garden may have trickled in to spark this window.

I've read reports about negative experiences. Tater probably thought this could the beginning of one of them, but has not had the desire to create the same scenario. Thus, I come here to ask before the poor fella lets curiosity help him go the way of the french fry (chip).

Is it just "what's next"? Just "something else"? I'm inclined to think it was residual emotion tainting the experience, but am forever of the mind, "what's on the other side?" I'll let Tater know any advice, experience or ideas ;D
I'm not sure that i understand, but from what i think i understood is that you are wondering if this could be the beginning of a series of unpleasant experiences?

I couldn't tell, but i did notice that most of my trips occur in series.

My first trips where always of the exact same nature, orange and yellow ultrafine lines forming small square-like geometric spinning patterns, these patterns came back to me in all of my trips again and again, then they procede to show me new things, now recently they changed again, now i see things jumping rapidly left and right, with my eye's open after the second and third hit, after closing them the colours are blue, purple, and soft green, these exact images came back my last 4 trips, i dunno why they happen to be in series.

So, i'd say from what i have learned from my experience that it might be possible that your next trips wil send you back to where you last took off, but again, i noticed that DMT can be experieced very differently by people, i guess there's only one way for you to find that one out...

Gather your courage, fasten your seatbelts and launch off.:d

Goog luck, and keep us updated please, i'd like to know how it went.
I find that if I focus on happiness before launch I have a better chance of ending up in a pleasant experience.
acolon_5 said:
I find that if I focus on happiness before launch I have a better chance of ending up in a pleasant experience.
Yeah, very good advice. I've gotten in the habit of cancelling launches if I can't get properly prepared.

Spiced said:
most of my trips occur in series
Agreed. Though the next time I went back, it was a different scene. Maybe because I didn't investigate the red bit, hyperspace came up with something new?

I went in with the attitude, "well, we'll see" and found myself in a mostly white space with three entities made of angular lines. It didn't resemble the city street, felt more open and uninhabited. They were checking me out and the only feeling I got from them was, "Oh, yeah, You, huh? well, yeah. alright." Pretty indifferent, but they did take note of me.

I haven't seen this little red window again on any trips since. Don't know what the story is, for all I know it could have been a whole new land of awesome.

Recently, entities are larger than they have been and the lines don't do as much spinning, more resonating. The sheer size of them is a little bit intense, but the vibe is more humbling than any feelings of negativity. All is well in hyperspace, strange and peaceful.
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