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[Brainstorm] Questions for Dr. Strassman Interview

Regulation of central 5-HT2A receptors are linked to antidepressant action [PMID: 8788498]
Is there evidence that DMT produce antidepressant effects through activation of the 5-HT2A receptors?
In the preview chapter of your upcoming book on the hebrew bible you mention god quite a bit. You elaborate on your new theory and explain that the brain "is not generating those experiences for various evolutionary purposes; rather, God has designed and uses the brain as the agent for communicating with us." Do you consider yourself a religious person? By "god", some mean a bearded fellow in the sky, while others mean something much more complex and ineffable (i.e. in a pantheistic way) or anything in between...What do you mean when you say the word "god"?
What do you think of current laws restricting research and testing of hallucinogens like LSD, DMT, Mescaline, or Psilocybin? Do you think they need changed? And if they do, then how do they need changed and how do we change them?
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